Thursday, March 31, 2011

Colton's Fluff Stash!

This picture was taken about 1 month ago. Since then, we have added only 4 diapers that came in the mail the other day.  BUT!!! Here is the beginning of my addiction (& this is only his pockets / AIO's / AI2's) minus 24 prefolds, 10 flats & 6 covers.

I tried to be cool with a rainbow. psh ... 
We have a mixture of BG's, WAHM, Cloth by Tel, Happy Heiny's, Sweet Doll Baby, & Smart Bottoms. etc.. etc ...

Fertility & Sex

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When I was breastfeeding Chayden for 2 years,  I never got a wonderful cycle.  She never arrived.  In that sense,  I feel like I never ovulated.  We could possibly have had unprotected sex and not get pregnant, but that never happened since I went & got the paraguard IUD ... which everybody states that it gives your terrible cramps, yadda yadda yadda .... I got lucky enough I suppose to not experience that.  YAY!!!
I do however, think about often how either the IUD or breastfeeding ... effected our intimate lives behind closed doors. Yes, our sex life.  It was um ... never there?  We didn't enjoy each other.  Maybe because we were a very young couple as parents & scared?  I don't know.  But our sex life was non-existent.  Did breastfeeding hormones take away my sex drive? Did the IUD take away my sex drive?  

Now, here we go with Colton.  4 1/2 years later.  Fully breastfed (except for veggies at dinner time), same IUD in place, my cycle HAS returned.  Its a different story this time around.  Oh yes. The cramps.  YIKES!!! But, my sex drive with my husband is there.  I don't know if its the breastfeeding, the IUD, or age?  I am still at a loss.  But, all I know is that I am extremely happy to be nursing our sweet chunks while having a protected, unaffected sex life.  Ok, NOT at the same time!  

What changed?  Good question.  No answer from me.  Since everything is the opposite with Colton than with Chayden. With our third (oh I hope!) child, I'm sure everything will be different once again!!! 

Urban Decay FOTD {1/31}

I just received my first Urban Decay Palette in the mail this morning!!! I have never tried Urban Decay besides the primer potion which I have been in love with for about 4 years.  Yes, I have swatched some UD eyeshadows in the past.   But to actually own at least one shadow ... breathtaking!!!  The shadows slide on like smooth butter & are soooo pigmented!!! I have decided to do a Urban Decay Face Of The Day Challenge ... for myself really.  Can I really do 31 different looks with 9 shadows in the Deluxe Shadow box?  I'll see.  I'm sure I can!! I will be posting every day in here.  I might miss a day here and there but I am sure I will end up with 31 looks!!! Some wearable, some not.  I typically wear "unwearable" so bear with me!! If I can find extra time to edit videos, I will post tutorials as well. *cough* Anyways ... for today, I used UD shadows in Fishnet, Scratch, Graffiti & Zero.

Yes Chayden. I can see your star sprinkles! LOL

Everybody was scared of MAC LE Bubbles lipstick.  But, I LOVE it!!

{adult} Babeland

You want some incredible toys for you and your significant other?  Why not stop by Babeland?  Honestly people.  Pages and Pages of incredible items!!  Sex toys, lubes, Gifts, Books & MORE!!! I am a sucker for gift item packages and books honestly.  I think every couple ... or else just yourself (we deserve a little sexy time ourselves!) deserve a monthly treat.  Go ahead.  Enjoy ... Indulge ...

Giveaways - 03.31

Thank God for summer and bikinis!!  My favorite time of year!!! Head on over to Linnys Vault to win $96 for Hapari to grab up your own sexy suit for the summer!! ends 04.01

Win an awesome BabyLegs grab bag giveaway over at 29Diapers! ends 04.02

This is a generous giveaway of Pure Romance goodies!!! Thank you to Small Town Girl!! *swoons* ends 04.03

Sandbox Lane is sponsoring a $25 giftcard to one lucky reader over at Mama B. ends 04.09

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FOTD {03.30}

Okay. No lie.  Should I do it or not? I want to, but maybe just pink sections?

That e.l.f. palette is pretty kick ass.

Chayden wanted to join in

Oh How I LOVE this beautiful face!!! mmmmmmm!!

Crabby as hell. Hungry & Tired. Sick of taking pictures.

Giveaways - 03.30

Here is Colton.  5 months old.  How does he fall asleep?  Do I rock him to sleep? NO.  Do I nurse him to sleep? Sometimes.  Do I give him a soft blanket to nuzzle against his cheek while touching his hand? YES!!! That seems to be the only way Colton falls asleep.  And let me tell you, we need more minky blankets for him.  He spits up.  I don't do laundry all day.  If he doesn't have his blanket, he's pretty much ... not cool with it.  I have been actually eying Minky Couture blankets for a while now (could it be safe to say that I dream about them? lol).  I really love the blankets that are sold there & I KNOW Colton would be a happy baby if he could always have a minky blanket on hand.  Two for travel & two for home.  Currently, we only own two minky blankets for him.  But, in our luck, Familylicious is hosting a giveaway for ONE VERY LUCKY reader.  One Minky in stock blanket from Minky Couture.  ends 04.10

Wordless Wednesday - Brotherly in LOVE

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOTD {03.29}

Instead of Makeup Monday's, I figured a FOTD (face of the day) would be more appropriate.   I ask Chayden @ 4.5 yrs. old what mama should wear on her eyes.  Today he said, "black eyes all over with blue glitter".

Now, don't get me twisted.  I am too lazy & I dont feel like writing down all I put on my face.  So, take a peek.  My everyday usuals are not in the pictures ... ie foundation, primers, mascara, lip chap ... 
Eesh. I hope I keep this up daily.  I used to.  This was a super easy 20 minute look that took me almost 2 hours to do because of taking care of the kids.  My brows are a total mess. Haven't taken care of them in like 6 months!!! But on a good note, I got my new hair cut and now to think about ... dying it pink? 

Giveaways - 03.29

Ultimate makeup giveaway over at Adrienne Adores ..... ends 04.01

Win a Lancome Paris Lippy!!! Yessssss!!! I am a HUGE lippy junkie!!! Head on over to Style'n Decor Deals.  ends 04.03

MACaholic?  *raises hands*  Entering a giveaway over at The Beautyholic for a bundle of MAC goodies!!! ends 04.23

Monday, March 28, 2011

Makeup Monday?

I have been contemplating about a Makeup Monday.  I would create a button and we could all do a monday link up.  I seen this on another blog, but shamelessly, I don't remember who it was =[  I seen it a few weeks ago so its hard to try to find her again.  But then again, I am hoping to get back into a daily makeup routine and post a FOTD {face of the day}.  I am still trying to figure it out.  ...

edit. thanks mrs boobies! it was !!

Giveaways - 03.28

How is it already the 28th?  Time flies FAST!!! Anyways ... giveaways I am entering today ...

Cow Patties Cloth "famous fitted" diaper giveaway over at Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways. ends 04.03

Mama B is giving away TWO OS Charlie Banana diapers from Figure 8 Maternity online shop.  ends 04.08

Zookies diaper cover over at Mommy & Me Giveaways. I personally LOVE the sea dots cover & I believe Colton's tush would look too rad in it =] ends 04.20

$55 to EdenFantasys. LOVE that site.  Thank you Mommy Katie for hosting.  ends 04.24

Sunday, March 27, 2011

BUSY weekend!

OMG this was SUCH a busy weekend!  I am soo tired, I feel like I haven't slept for days.  Tomorrow I will go ahead and make a new post on soooooome of the goodies I got for Chayden.  But until then, I Have to document that I am going to bed at 10:15pm instead of my usual 2am. Like seriously?
OH! & we are trying to sign Chayden up for T-ball. We missed registration sign ups. Ended yesterday actually.  But we never got anything in the mail.  Like a communality newsletter, etc.  So we searched online, found a rec center, then emailed them about more info.  I hope we can get him signed up. He'll love it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Giveaways - 03.26

One very lucky reader will win a Thirsties Duo Diaper over at Six in the Nest.  Colton has a few of them & I LOVE them!  ends 04.05

My lil sweet pea is an online store, which is having their grand opening. to honor that, natural mommie is hosting a $50 gift card to their online shop!! ends 04.13

I love makeup. I Love it all! Its all amazing & spectacular.  Who even loves bunches of cute nail polish? I do!!! Sara's Pretty Little Things is giving away a bunch of fun & awesome goodies in one amazing prize pack just for getting 50 followers. Awesome! ends 05.01

Made with Love

Do you love entering give aways? I do!  The Reynolds Mom is hosting a give away event where she is finding hand made items for mom / baby.  She has some cool stuffs up for grabs!!! For example, a much "needed" Zookies diaper cover. No seriously.  Much needed in our house.  Colton is now growing out of his thirsties covers and I want to find another one that I will love just as much!! And I know that would be a Zookies cover.
Anyways, there are flower clips, jewelery, fluff, girly headbands, shirts, etc ... take a look! its pretty fun =]

Friday, March 25, 2011

Springs Must Haves

Yes.  I still subscribe to Seventeen magazine and the online newsletter.  LOL.  You can find the whole array of spring must haves here. The items I personally love are as followers & if you like what you see or want to find out more, just hit up the linky.

Weaning Breastfeeding?

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Colton is only 5 months old. Obviously we haven't even thought about weaning.  But with Chayden, I guess time flew by too fast for me to even think about weaning.  He weaned himself at 22 months. It was just that ONE night that he decided that he wanted to sleep and sleep hard.  Then, it became a nightly deal.  It was impossible to wake him to nurse him.  I was soo upset I remember. I was not ready to quit.  So, for a whole almost 2 years, I was hurt deep inside.  Then when I found out I was pregnant again, that was the first thing that popped in my mind. Nursing my baby.
Colton WILL self wean.  Whether it be 1 yr {I hope not} or 3 years.  Nursing & that special bond that only I get to share with him melts my heart.  The way he looks into my eyes with his eyes.  *melts*
My crazy baby still nurses every 2 hours during the day.  Unless he's sleeping, which is about 11 hours give or take ... solid at night.  I hope it continues to be every 2 hours for another 2 more years.

Giveaways - 03.25

The Makeup Diva is giving away to TWO winners ... a basket full of Beecology goodies!!! ends 04.04

Win two Itti Bitti Diapers && a 4oz Tub of CJ's BUTTer sponsored by Cloth is Green, hosted by Mama B.  I have been drooling over these diapers for months.  ends 04.07

Want to play sexy with yourself or your significant partner?  Want some extra leverage for some extra fun? Well, enter the giveaway for a Liberator Position Pillow over at Of Sex & Love.  ends 04.08

Plans Ruined

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Ugh.  Hubby called into work this morning "sick".  We were planning on running errands since we won't be able to this weekend.  Well, we will try to but he is "on call" for work and HAS to go "in" for emergency calls.  I was planning on getting a new hair style, going to the dollar store & shopping for a new closet of clothes for Chayden.  I also wanted to check out Once Upon a Child to see if they sold baby fluff over here =]  Well, Bobby decided last minute to go into work and be an hour late so he doesn't get bitched at.  Ugh.  I was planning and hoping we can do this today so we can have a rested weekend.
BUT!!! Chayden went to bed late last night, on his own call.  He sneakily played in his bed until past 10pm when his bed time is 7pm!!!  He woke up around 8am when he typically sleeps 12 hours solid.  So, he should have slept in until 10am.  Needless to say, he is EXHAUSTED!!! I am too though.  Didn't get to sleep until past 2am. NAPTIME today!!!! For suuuuuuure. SCORE!
Lets add another piss me off thing.  NO FOOD!!! We have to go grocery shopping.  We have food, but its the basics. Nothing to get me inspired for an awesome dinner.  Ramen Noodles, Mac n' Cheese & Chicken pieces. Yea. We need to shop this weekend.
& why the hell does it have to be 31 as the high today?  Where is that Spring weather? I NEED To go outside before I got NUTS!!! I have my car back, but Its so gloomy out, its pointless to even try to do anything.
Oh.  But today I am doing diaper laundry.  I love doing diaper laundry =] Warm fluff. Pink Sugar smelling fluff.  Thanks to Sweet Cheeks!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giveaways - 03.24

ends tonight. but if you are a nail polish junkie like I am, this is a GREAT giveaway over at A Polish Problem. bet you cant guess! but its nailpolish! a few gifts going ... happy birthday!!!

Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways is giving away an AMP diaper!! AMP has a BUNCH of fun colors to choose from and reviews are spectacular!!! I hope to own one. or wait ... i hope colton gets to own one. ends 03.31

I LOVE Eden Fantasys!! A GREAT website for us as a couple.  I love to buy from them. Very fast shipping and their site has wonderful things.  Enter to win $50 to them from Table for Five. ends 04.02

I have NEVER tried Crunchy Angel but I am lemming the diapers!  Crazy 4 Fluff is giving away one diaper to a lucky winner!! You choose the gender for a surprise in the mail!! ends 04.03

Another amazing opportunity to win a Best Bottoms shell with THREE inserts from Nicki's Diapers Store!!! Head on over to Mommy and Me Giveaways to enter. ends 04.04

Another Apothica giveaway!!! I keep on finding this amazing site and the giveaways!!! OH Apothica how I dream of purchasing from you!! LOL. ANYWAYS!!! Thank you to Mother of Pearl It Is. ends 04.05

1 giveaway, 2 winners, 4 prizes!!!??? Thats right!!! mama b is giving away 1 FuzziBunz & 1 Rumperooz to one winner AND another winner will receive a Thirsties Duo & a gDiaper. Sponsored by Zukababy. ends 04.12


i'm emotionally drained today. i feel numb inside. i feel like i'm choked up, about to cry.  my brain is fuzzy. i'm not tired. i slept in until 11am. oops! colton slept in until then and chayden snuggled in my arms and sneakily ate a whole batch of brownies. he didnt wake me so that he could have all that chocolate. meh. see, its still ...meh. i wonder if its the winter getting to me? i wonder if i'm emotionally just ... withering. i need a change. something needs to change. i dont know what. i have about 57 things running through my mind but i cant seem to pick one out.
tomorrow is a new day. i promise to take pictures of my babies every day from now on. i'm sad because i've been slacking in that department. now i have 56 things running through my mind ...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stila Cosmetics

I have never tried Stila Cosmetics.  Honestly, while visiting, I have never tried any of the brands.  I would LOVE to! I mean, I have swatched and tested products at stores like Ulta & Sephora, but I don't own any of that.  One brand I would love to own a few items from is Stila. I hear amazing things on their lip glaze's. Another product I find interesting is their Smudge pots. I am a huge fan of gel eyeliners.  They are my favorite and I know that Stila has this amazing Cobalt Blue one that i MUST try!!!

One thing i wish about Stila is that they had a larger array of eyeshadow and blush colors.  I am a HUGE fan of colored eyeshadows and bright blushes.  But, sometimes a nice neutral or smoky eye will have to do and thats where you can head straight to Stila to look classy.
Thanks to Apothica for letting Between the Lines host a $50 gift card as a giveaway, i hope i can grab that up so i can try some Stila products.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

you CAN WIN on online giveaways!!

I win here and there. My most recent win was over at Home Grown Families. I went around trying to find giveaways to this CD for the boys!!! AND I WON!!! I am beyond excited! The boys will love it. We are totally into music at home and in the car, wherever we go.  Anyways, I won a CradleRock CD from Treetop Records. I chose Michael Jackson =]

Giveaways - 03.22

Cow Patties Cloth is giving away an OS AI2 diaper.  ends 03.27

mama b is at it again!!! she is giving away TWO fuzzibunz diapers and ONE pail liner!!! what a GREAT prize!!! go enter her this amazing giveaway!  ends 04.04

Win an Adult anal sexy toy from Venus Toy Trap. ends 04.04

I LOOOOOVE CJ's BUTTer for Colton!! I have used it many times!! The scents are amazing.  The way it takes away his morning red butt in just on application & the way it literally MELTS like butter during application is amazing!!! Go enter a giveaway to win three 4oz jars of your scent of choice!!! Head on over to Not So Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom!!! ends 04.08

Giveaway for $25 to the AppleCheeks store! With that, you can get a little bundle {cover and insert} for $29, which is what I'd get.  Click over to Happenings of the Harper Household.  ends 04.15

Monday, March 21, 2011

new 'do!

i have to bleach my hair ... badly. roots are like 6 inches. haven't done my hair or makeup in FOREVER!!! i am at a loss for what to do. while looking through my BAZAAR magazine, i came across THIS image and said, "thats me!" now, i dont know if i'd do pink .... but it'll certainly give me inspiration to have fun with my looks again!

short. choppy. funky. bangs. thats what i want. 

Giveaways - 03.21

I'm terrible to myself!!! there has been NO new updates. nothing too exciting happening at home. just the usual stuff. eat, sleep, shower, potty break, play.

win an adorable clutch ... like, ADORAAAAAAAABLE!! hosted by Jaebumfangirl, sponsored by Swiedebie. ends 03.27

Happily Ever After / Dreams Do Come True is giving away $50.00 to Pink Cherry Adult Toy store!!! ends 04.03

Full size Scentsy warmer over at Mom to Bed by 8. ends 04.08

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i love Too Faced Cosmetics

But i dont own any Too Faced Cosmetics? How is this even possible!!?? I have been a makeup JUNKIE!!!! for about 5 years. in those 5 years, i obsessed and learned soooooooo much. i collected thousands of dollars of makeup. All different brands. high end and low end. i love it all! One particular brand i have had my eye on for the past year, is Too Faced.  They came out with this eyeshadow insurance. its an eye primer that makes your eyeshadow stay on all day. it will not crease your eyeshadow, what so EVER!
another thing thats impossible to pass up is a bronzer, especially for summer time ... and defiantly leopard print bronzer!!
you can get all of this at apothica! they sell a ton of other brands that i LOVE!!!! but some brands that i want to really try out. heck, i want to own a little bit of everything .... =]

Giveaways - 03.20

Doable Diapers is giving away one Bumgenius 4.0 diaper, in your color of choice ... from her shop. ends 03.23

i am obsessed with makeup ... & makeup pouches. better yet, owls!!! love owls! jaebumfangirl is giving away an owl makeup pouch from Sweet & Cozy's etsy shop.  ends 03.26

Oil Massage Candle in amazing vanilla scent.  Something everybody needs. giveaway over at of sex & love. ends 04.03

mama b is having a great cloth diaper giveaway! two winners! one winner will get a full kit of ecobum {prefolds / covers} & another lucky winner will get 2 Thirsties duo diapers. we have the thirsites diapers and i LOVE them!!!! ends 04.06

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giveaways - 03.19

Ends TONIGHT!!! an applecheeks diaper over at diaperstyle.

We use prefolds and fitteds but we dont have any wool covers. just PUL. so, Wool cover over at Adventures of Mommy "S". ends 03.21

We are HUGE fans of blankets over here for colton. HUGE! well, actually, thats the ONLY way Colton falls asleep ... if he is holding something soft in his hand and has it against his cheek. there is a giveaway for a Dandelion Baby Minky Blanket over at Houghton Happenings. ends 03.24

i had NEVER heard of the cloth diaper brand HuggaBuns but i am itching to try it! try to win one alongside with some motherease wipes! thank you to Cloth Diaper contests and giveaways. ends 03.25

Adventures of Mommy "S" is also hosting to give away a custom AI2 diaper from itty bitty bums. ends 03.26

win a best bottom shell with 3 inserts!!! how cool is that??? visit Crazy 4 Fluff!!! ends 03.28

another chance to win a Best Bottom diaper over at Six in the Nest.  also ends on 03.28

Another opportunity for Apothica.  Win $50 and have a blast at the site! Thank you Our Kids Mom!!! ends 04.04.

who loves scentsy!!?? i do i do! okay, i dont own any. but i am eying scentsy! i love smelly things. i love our place to smell GOOD!!!! so, Our Kids Mom is having a giveaway for your choice of warmer and 3 scents! ends 04.07

There will be two FuzziBunz diapers out for the giveaway with two separate winners! Thanks to Celebrating Women Today! ends 04.10

Friday, March 18, 2011

Giveaways - 03.18

I am a HUGE makeup junkie! but in the process of buying makeup over and over ... i only bought my basics brush set from MAC Cosmetics.  Now, I have been in LOVE with Sigma brushes, but don't OWN any unfortunately.  Sigma Makeup Brushes are on my "wants list", or rather, "needs list". I really do "need" more face brushes and SugarPop Ribbons is hosting a giveaway for three face brushes. really? SCORE!!! couldn't resist in entering which ends 03.22.

Cloth Diaper Mommy is giving away a Bum Covered Fitted. Custom made! ends 03.23

I want to win a GoGreenPocket Diaper because my favorite type of diaper IS a pocket diaper. I also hear amazing reviews about GGPD.  they have GREAT customer service. & the prints are adorable! SugarPop Ribbons is hosting a giveaway for 1 GGPD of your choice.  ends 03.25

mama b is giving away TWO diapers. one Thirsties & one Happy Heiny's from DNA diapers. ends 03.31

miss mommy gaga is having a FuzziBunz giveaway! now, thats ONE diaper that I don't own that I hope to own. ends 03.31

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Omni Cloth diaper

Softbums! I have never tried these diapers but I was searching for retailers and there are a TON where I live! thats good news because I might have to head out and find these stores to take a look around. anyways, one brand that i am on a look out for is the Softbums. There is a giveaway going on over at Monkey Tales. it ends 04.10.

regaining patience

chayden is 4 1/2. i find myself to have lost my patience with him. i dont know why. tonight at judo, he wasn't listening. like usual. he tends to wonder off & do his own thing. like, play with dust on the floors. i get embarrassed. i feel like i am doing something terribly wrong with raising him because none of the other kids act like him. but, he learns by being curious. i understand that, to a point. when i'm frustrated, i feel like he doesn't care but he does. i pull him aside and lecture him. its stupid. i shouldnt have to because i feel guilty afterwards. but its like, something i have to do? i feel like i "have" to lecture him. but he never listens to me in the end. why do i waste myself?
i guess its because i was never pushed when i was younger. i wanted to cheer. i wanted to play sports. i wanted to do many things but i was never put into anything besides a chair in front of the television. now with me being a mother, i want the opposite of my kids. hardly any tv at all and lots of sports / functions. when chayden doesnt want to participate, it reminds me of when i was younger & i do not like that at all. i want him to say that he was involved in lots of activities. he did do well in gymnastics but thats over with. he wants to attend swimming and t-ball. we can do that for him. he just isn't into Judo. i want him into it because that was the ONLY thing i was involved in. well, after that, other types of martial arts, just as long as my mother didnt have to pay. *rolls eyes*
i need to regain my patience. if he starts to wonder off, just leave him be. i know i know! instead, i grab him up and babble his sweet tiny ears off. i need to STOP!!! he is super innocent.
another thing i need to learn patience with. ... okay. all of him. chayden is a very wild, curious, but very smart 4 yr. old. VERY! drives me bonkers. but if i had patience ... i'd allow myself freedom. but i feel trapped wondering what he's doing 200% of the time.
how do i regain patience? i pray about it. i cry about it. i hold chayden and promise to be more patient. but 5 minutes later, i'm picking his brains again. i dont want him to hate me, thinking his mother drove him nuts. =[ oh lord. i need to keep on with the prayers and google some info.
at the end of the day, i can say that chayden has had many tantrums. yes. its normal for a child. but i feel like its all me. my fault. i feel like i dont know how to direct him to another approach. i need to attend a class on how to raise him now. this is the hardest part of my life so far.

Giveaways - 03.17

Cloth Diaper Geek is giving away a Thirsites Duo Fab Fitted. ends 03.22

Win an ADORABLE large zippered tote from jaebumfangirl. ends 03.23

Style n' Decore Deals is having a giveaway for a Smashbox e/s in Dusk.  ends 03.26.

Mama B has up a giveaway for one BestBottom shell & a total of three inserts! go check it out! ends 03.29

Strawberry Pomegrant lube? Something every couple needs to enjoy! Enter over at of sex & love. ends 03.30

{Adult} glass toy. Enter at of sex & love. ends 03.31

{Adult} Love Bunnies vibe over at True Pleasures. ends 04.25

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Colton & his fluffy butt

Colton wears covered up {by pants} cloth most of the time since its been cold here. now that the cold is withering away and spring is fast approaching, i hope to show off his fluffy butt a bit more. but, in the meantime, i have a few pictures to get me by for now =]

Christmas fluff. only 2 months old. first time wearing fluff. i was nervous! 

HH in black, even though you can't see it with a dark brown background and a black onesie. 

WAHM fitted.

the end.

Apothica ??

I had NEVER heard of Apothica until about a week ago or so.  I had always shopped for makeup at other retailers. Now, Apothica sells more than just makeup, but since I am a HUGE junkie, thats what I tend to look for.  They carry some of my favorite brands, including;
NARSStila & Too Faced.

I am very impressed with this site. It looks very classy & sophisticated.  I want to go ahead and take a further look into the men care items for my husband. we all know guys. they tend to have their one favorite and they  never step out of the box. psh ...

ps. there is a giveaway going on over at Sweep Tight for $50 towards Apothica.  whee! i think that could buy you a few goodies that you'll enjoy for a very long time! it ends on March 29th.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011