Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Colton is almost 5 months!

next week on the 22nd, Colton will be 5 months! where has the time gone? i still remember being pregnant. sometimes i wish i was still pregnant because my pregnancy went by too fast and i miss it. but then again, i am glad i get to hold, snuggle and kiss colton as much as my heart desires =]
month 04 milestones:
1.  rolling to his side. he refuses to roll all the way.
2.  sitting up for a little bit here and there. he can sit for about 5 minutes when he's on a soft surface.
3.  starting solids. we have only done oatmeal / breast-milk but starting avocados sometime.
4.  sleeping 11 hours straight at night w/o waking up.
5.  taking longer afternoon naps. three solid hours now.
6.  finding & reaching for toys to put in his mouth. he actually gets things "in" his mouth.
7.  reaching for his toes and sucking on his tootsies. awwwwwwwwww!
8.  sitting in the bathtub instead of laying down. he was too big.
9.  growing out of 6mo. clothes. he weighs 16lbs i'm sure. 
10.  still nurses every 2 hours during the day except while sleeping. 

Chayden, btw, is an amazing big brother. i have never had to get after him. he loves colton and colton finds chayden alllll the time. them two are the bestest of friends. i am very blessed and amazingly lucky.



  1. Wow - sitting so early! What a big boy! He's precious! Thank you for linking oo your little blessings to my Baby Blessings blog hop! :)

  2. So cute! Hope you'll come drop by my blog! I'll have a children's CD giveaway up soon!