Friday, March 11, 2011

Fawk You FRiDAY!

So, this is my first "Fawk You Friday". I just started blogging the other day so I'm new to this linky stuff. ha. Anyways, here are a few things that really PiSS me the fuck off this week.

1. Staying inside with the kids ... all day loooooooooong. Small apartment. shitty neighbors who bitch when my kids sneeze. fuck you old man. stop complaining. so i have to be extra careful & bored. i want spring to come or at least the snow to melt ... so we can walk up to the park or have Chayden ride his bike.

2. My thoughts running in my mind all night long. yea, I cut my mom out of my life. Long story. it was very recent. now is Colton's upcoming baptizm and birthday parties. Am I suppose to invite her even though we don't talk and she doesnt care about my kids? or, so i sucker myself into it and invite her hoping she'll apologize for being soo crappy and mean to me and my kids?

3. my husbands car. his tire went flat so he is taking my car to work every day. so i am for suuuuuuuure stuck inside. my mind is going NUTS!!!!

4. My husband's work. He is a supervisor yet the woman above him treats him like complete SHIT! he is total hard worker. he works waaaaaaaaaay too many hours for human kind. & yet she still shoves him around. He's too much of a nice guy which I LOVE! But this woman. Let her see me. She won't have an ass to sit on for 3 months.

Thats it. That's all thats bugging me for the week. =]


  1. Your neighbor would HATE me and my kids...lmao. Because we're major loud mouths...fawk him! ;)

    The Mom thing is a tough one. I think you should do what YOU feel best with doing. I got your back!

  2. haha yea. its like i'm walking on eggs shells in my own place. we have gotten letters from the landlord. LOL.