Sunday, March 20, 2011

i love Too Faced Cosmetics

But i dont own any Too Faced Cosmetics? How is this even possible!!?? I have been a makeup JUNKIE!!!! for about 5 years. in those 5 years, i obsessed and learned soooooooo much. i collected thousands of dollars of makeup. All different brands. high end and low end. i love it all! One particular brand i have had my eye on for the past year, is Too Faced.  They came out with this eyeshadow insurance. its an eye primer that makes your eyeshadow stay on all day. it will not crease your eyeshadow, what so EVER!
another thing thats impossible to pass up is a bronzer, especially for summer time ... and defiantly leopard print bronzer!!
you can get all of this at apothica! they sell a ton of other brands that i LOVE!!!! but some brands that i want to really try out. heck, i want to own a little bit of everything .... =]


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