Thursday, March 24, 2011


i'm emotionally drained today. i feel numb inside. i feel like i'm choked up, about to cry.  my brain is fuzzy. i'm not tired. i slept in until 11am. oops! colton slept in until then and chayden snuggled in my arms and sneakily ate a whole batch of brownies. he didnt wake me so that he could have all that chocolate. meh. see, its still ...meh. i wonder if its the winter getting to me? i wonder if i'm emotionally just ... withering. i need a change. something needs to change. i dont know what. i have about 57 things running through my mind but i cant seem to pick one out.
tomorrow is a new day. i promise to take pictures of my babies every day from now on. i'm sad because i've been slacking in that department. now i have 56 things running through my mind ...


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