Monday, March 14, 2011

spring cleaning

i am trapped! chayden & colton's room is a disaster! and even when its clean, its a disaster! chayden has sooooo many toys. he has two of those $60 toy bins from Target & his closet is FULL of laundry baskets ... full of toys. does he ever play with them? NO!!! so, when colton wakes up from nap, i am going to have chayden go through them and save only about 30% of his junk. while we're at it, i am going to sift through all the summer clothes for the boys just in case we need to go shopping. i want to grab a few pieces off of DrJaysGAPChildren's Place & Crazy8.

for colton:

Some clothes I'm looking for, for Chayden: & he NEEDS a whole new closet full of clothes. he literally is growing out of everything!

Of course I don't have all this money. but it sure would be nice! i will be getting a few things from my "wish list" for the boys. but for the Ecko Jeans that are $60 from DrJays, i can find at Burlington for 70% off.


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