Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Breastfeeding} Healthy Eating

Here I am,  a breastfeeding mother.  How do I eat?  Probably not as healthy as I should to be honest.  I skip breakfast a lot because thats how I have always been.  I drink 2 cans of Mt. Dew a day.  We eat fast food a few times a week.  I don't drink enough water.  Its embarrassing honestly if you're a health nut and write everything down, ect. I don't gain weight but I don't loose it.  I'm always steady.  My milk supply is awesome though!.  I can pump for 5 minutes and get 8oz right away.  
But, on the other hand, I do have Chayden ... 4 1/2 yrs old.  I make sure he gets his proper meals per day.  I make sure he gets enough of every nutrient that he needs.  I will do the same for Colton.   Yes I realize I do have unhealthy eating habits and I have to have healthy eating habits to teach my children.  Knowing that Chayden is old enough and starting to take in what I do, I will have to change my eating habits just because of that.  Not because of Breastfeeding. 
This is very interesting because I have some nursing mama friends who say they are always thirsty and they watch what they eat / drink.  They say they allow themselves zero junk and gallons of water.  They jot down what they eat so they get the extra 300 calories a day ... or was it 3,000?  See, I don't even know.  I eat when i'm hungry.  I drink when i'm thirsty.  Milk supply is loaded!  


  1. Without getting all breastfeeding nazi up in here...breast milk is considered the 'best option' if you so choose to do it...regardless of diet. I wasn't perfect with my diet while nursing either.

    I formula fed my first two nobody start caning me. LOL.

  2. Oh girl. I have had my son's ped. have me write down my diet and pick at what i eat / dont eat. i never did change it. i mean, if i'm getting lots of milk in my supply and if my baby is pissing a full diaper every 2 hours, i'm sure he's good =]

  3. Well, this has nothing to do with breastfeeding, but my ped. railed into me at my three year old son's wellchild check when he was potty trained yet. I left that appt. and will not see that "doctor" again. Without any of her advice and me just waiting when my son was ready, one month later, he was trained. Even overnight. End of story.

  4. absolutely!! actually, from what i understand, some boys arent potty trained until age 6 !!!! i was lucky enough where my son was day trained at 18 months and night trained right before age 2. i'm sure i wont get that lucky again. LOL.
    i feel like some dr's. just think they know it all and rip our parenting / etc, apart. =[

  5. Got to love dr's advice, huh? I am constantly told my baby is underweight and he is a big boy for 4 months, very "sturdy". He's a breastfeeding fool, I am like you, pump like crazy! Sometimes I think they look at moms and CLEARLY forget that MOM KNOWS BEST. ;)

  6. absolutely right mamaburgher!!! mama's DO know best!!! i don't take advice unless its life vs. death sorta thing. LOL. I just take my gut feeling and go with it.