Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Colton is 6 months!

Such a sweet blessing!!!  Sleeps 12 hours straight at night.  Wakes up around 4am ... sometimes if he is going through a growth spurt.  Sitting up.  Still not really rolling over.  He can and has done it, just doesn't want to.  Babbles.  Say's mama.  Reaches out for me.  Stranger Anxiety. ... wow!!! LOL.  17lbs {60%} 27" {90%} 17" head circ. {90%}.  
Colton has been 17 lbs since 2 months old.  He has gained nothing.  Maybe 5 oz at most.  We are concerned now.  We went through everything and it turns out, he has acid reflux.  When I try to nurse him, he jolts back and forth and gets pissed until I have a let down.  Thank God our nursing sessions are 3 minutes because I can't even handle that.  He screams bloody murder when he's hungry and he gets soo worked up that he can't even eat.  So I have to spend a long time calming him.  Oh its a mess! I told his pediatrician and he suggested Acid Reflux.  Colton was given Prilosec {generic form} and we are now on day 2.  I already see improvements.  I fell much more less stressed.  I am more eager to nurse him.  I hope this trend continues on the correct path.  I hate seeing him in pain.  
Another lovely thing.  I believe Colton is allergic to certain foods.  I started him on solids {making my own for him} and about 10-15 minutes after eating, he breaks out in hives that lasts about 3 days.  He has done this with pears, bananas, apples, potatoes & barley.  He is fine with Avacado, Carrots, rice & oatmeal.  Trying acorn squash this week.

hives all over his torso, neck and face

Next month, Colton goes in for a weight check.  We will discuss any food allergy issues that are new and do an allergy test. 
His first Easter was kick ass!  He got lots of goodies!!! But this will have to end our monthly milestone.  Its been too exciting this month .... 


  1. Awww what a cute little chubby monkey. =D I want to squish him.

  2. um ... lets just say i squish him whenever possible. LOL.

  3. He's beautiful!

    (And I love that you're breastfeeding him!) I nursed my son till he was almost one.

    The allergies are no good at all..I hope you get some answers from the allergist.

  4. He gets more gorgeous every day =]

    I made an appointment for 1 month from now for a weight check. i'm hoping we can talk about the allergies then and get things rolling if the hives continue.