Sunday, April 24, 2011

Its Easter!

&& I haven't updated here with a review or giveaway in a long time.  My husband crashed my computer so I can start fresh.  Adobe Photoshop was supposedly installed but now its saying it can't open.  I have to uninstall and reinstall & I promise, I have a few awesome things to post!

Yesterday I attended the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  We had a turnout of 65 babies being changed from what I was told.  But I will check out the news' website and Peapods website to reconfirm.  I will post pictures about it later once Photoshop gets fixed.
I had fun & won lots of goodies.  Rockin' Green Detergent in Smashing Watermelons, Kissaluvs Wipes, Burts Bee's baby Lotion, BabyLegs and a free diaper stripping service.  I was even seen on the news.  I didn't see myself but had a few friends on FB tell me that they seen me on the news.  I was on the wrong Channel. LOL.

Anyways, onto Easter.  Chayden woke up at 7am, 2 hours earlier than usual.  He was very cute & excited.  He got a NERF gun and lots of candies.  Colton got a onesie, teething book, minky blanket & bunny cup.  We are heading out later to eat lunch at the in-laws =]
I wish you all a happy holiday!! I hope the Easter bunny brought you all wonderful treats. =]


  1. Aw have a fun and Happy Easter! =D Gonna go check out that detergent.

  2. you can totally use this detergent for regular clothes too. some say they use it in their dishwasher.