Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its a GOOD DAY!!

I haven't really updated with my life in the past few days.  But, Colton got his first tooth at 5 1/2 months old the other day. He's not a baby anymore =[ LOL.  I tried getting pictures but he keeps his tongue in the way. He has been eating home made purees now for about a month.  We have done;
banana.  FAIL! I think he may be allergic.  We gave him some for the first time at my in-laws for dinner a few weeks ago and his face broke out in a rash.  We were like, "yea ... must of been a rash from cuddling us. We'll try bananas in a week."  Tried in a week.  He woke up with a rash all over his belly and a disgusting rash between his butt cheeks. Needless to say ... I tossed the whole bundle of bananas that I mooshed up.
pears.  started yesterday. hates them. I left the skin on them so he is gagging at the grainy texture!!! oops!!
Colton received a few things in the mail the last few days.  A few things that he is testing out to the full max of possibility and as a mama,  I am going to write about the products and review them.  Giveaways to be attached with them as well!!! So, look out!!! Pretty kick ass stuff. No lie =]

Chayden is fantastic.  What a JOY!!! He has been sooooooo wonderful lately.  When I was upset with his behavior the other week, I took all of his Halloween candy and tossed it in the trash!!! Okay, it was old.  But he didn't know =[  Ever since that day, he straighted out.  He knows I dont mess with him.  Time outs for him weren't working, talking to him, etc etc.  I was at my wits end.  I think I went bald. LOL.  But how does tossing candy make him straighten out? I don't get it and it was the wrong approach.  Meh.  
Oh Chayden just woke up from a 3 HOUR nap especially since he told me at noon, "I am NOT tired!!" hmph ...

As far as myself.  I am loving this blogging life.  Giveaways up here and there.  More reviews.  I got several packages in the mail today for review and giveaway items.  Or just items I had won recently.  Mail man comes and UPS man comes today.  T shirt on, no bra.  Boobie juice stains because I don't give a shit since I was going to get ready ... NOW.  Hairs a mess. No makeup.  No deodorant.  Oh I love being a mom who gets ready last minute after the kids are all scrumptious looking. =]  
So literally, this has been my life the past few weeks.  Nothing too amazing besides, I want to shove a stick up AT&T's ass.  They will give my husband a brand new phone but not me because I am not the primary.  Motorola Backflip phone.  DO NOT get it! FAIL!!! Fails me daily ...

Random bitching.  Done.  Kids are up now.  <3


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