Friday, April 15, 2011

Name your own Makeup Collection!

Bokeh Face Wants to Know:  What would you name your own collection of pigments?

I would name my collection Summer Romance.  The inspiration behind this collection would be, summer is coming up.  Well, we're just hitting spring, but Summer is my all time favorite season.  Parties, outdoor picnics, the beach, etc etc.  In the summer is when I get REALLY creative with makeup because I am out and about to show it off =]  I envision lots of summery, bright colors with Duo Chromes for a fun, festive summer time party with a bit of mystery.  Give the colors a little mix of romance with neutral daytime colors and sexy smoky night time colors.  This collection would include 1 highlight that would go with any look.  The other 9 colors would allow you to create that sassy summer look. The colors would suit anybody, even the shy at heart. I am not shy when it comes to makeup, but adding a touch of mysterious duo chrome would be killer for everybody.
The colors I would "make" are:

1.  sand:  perfect highlight. satin finish so its not too flat or not too shimmery. beige color that blends into any skin tone. This color would go with any of the looks you create with the following colors.
2.  ocean:  Bright turquoise with a baby blue duo chrome.
3.  fresh cut:  a green resembling dark, fresh grass. shimmer finish.
4.  sunset:  this would remind you of an orange or pink.  but the other night, we were driving home and there was a beautiful rainbow of color in the sky from the sun setting.  there was this beautiful purple in there. this color would be a Medium Purple with a light pink duo chrome.
5.  midnight kiss:  you know how you will kiss your summer fling at midnight?  this would be a dark navy, shimmer color with flecks of light pink. hardly noticeable but there.
6.  bare skin:  imagine being at the beach. lots of sexy smooth skin showing.  this color would be a perfect shimmery dark beige color, suitable for a neutral lid color.
7.  luster:  a medium maroon color resembling lips after a long kissing session. suitable for a smoky look or crease color for the neutral look.  this would be a satin.
8.  juicy;  imagine being at a picnic. sipping on lemonades, biting into sweet watermelon ... this would be a medium pink with a yellow duo chrome.
9.  party lite:  imagine partying all night long. its pitch black out (no, YOU'RE not blacked out ...).  i imagine a black with a red duo chrome.
10.  mojito:  refreshing, minty summer beverage.  imagine the perfect mint leaf green.  add a light green duo chrome in there which reminds me of the actual drink.

I feel like slipping into a black bikini now ...

oh.  & if you have inspiration buzzing in your big ole' brain, then you can write a post about YOUR  makeup collection.. Hey. It might be the perfect collection to actually be MADE & you own!! then you can link your blog post over at Bokeh Face.  but hurry you sexy kittens.  the last day to get creative is May 01, 2011