Sunday, April 3, 2011

NEVER washing my hair again!

Sounds disgusting!! But, where the hell did I get this info?  Hell if I remember.  I was reading an article in a magazine or online.  Yes, it was only less than a week ago ... but I honestly don't remember. I thought ew.  I wash with shampoo / conditioner every 3 days.  But the article mentioned that the shampoo has too much harsh chemicals.   Like every shampoo!!  The article said to use conditioner every day or every other day only as it contains just enough chemicals to actually clean your hair.  WOW!!!! This is pretty useless as far as info goes.  But I just took a shower tonight w/o using shampoo.  I used a dalop of conditioner only and my hair is dry, soft and grease-less.  A lot less volume though =[ But this is only day 1 so I wonder if my hair will become healthier and bouncy after a few weeks?

What do you use to wash your hair?  Whats YOUR routine? What is your hair type and also ... looking at your hair .. is it healthy and shiny looking?


  1. I use a shampoo and conditioner bar from Get Lathered. I seriously love them. I had to stop using normal shampoo and conditioner because my skin is so sensitive my scalp was breaking out in sores and rashes. These bars don't bother me at all and are seriously the best hair products I've ever used. My hair gets really oily really fast and is pretty thin and very wavy. So I was and condition my hair every day. My hair is un-dyed except for the bottom 4-6 inches and that's just dyed hair that I haven't had trimmed off yet. So I mainly just condition the ends of my hair and skip conditioning the roots. =] I tried doing the no poo and just condition thing, but my hair would be an oily mess by mid day. =[ I hope it works out for you! If not I seriously recommend trying Rhonda's bars. They're amazing.

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