Monday, April 4, 2011

No Shampoo Day 01

Technically its Monday early morning.  1:00 am.  But, I still consider it Sunday night.  Saturday night, I washed with just conditioner.  Wake up Sunday morning to flat hair.  But then again, my hair was clean feeling and super super soft.  Its the end of the day and my hair is non greasy.  I dont like the flatness.  Kinda makes me sad.  Sad to the point that I just brushed and went.  No makeup.  I want my hair to be volumized.  I guess I can put hair stuff in it, or tease it, etc ... But I never had to do that before. LOL.  Tonight is a no washing night since I wash every 2 or 3 days for my hair to try to keep it as healthy as possible.  Hence why I am going with the no shampoo trick.
I think this will fail. LOL.  I think I already miss my dry, unhealthy, fuzzy, volumized hair.  *hides*  Okay. Forgive me.  With this choppy hair, I think it deserves some funky strands. Not smooth as silk.  Right?
Oh ....

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  1. Nice experiment!
    I try to maintain my hair clean at least for a couple of days and I get it most of the time.
    What hair products are you using at the moment?
    Love from a new follower,