Thursday, April 7, 2011

{review} Happy Heiny OS Pocket Diaper

We own three Happy Heiny OS (one size) Pocket Diapers.  Black, glow in the dark skull & Ooga Booga but I am eying Lime Green to add to our collection. There are tons and tons of colors and prints to choose from!! The diapers we own are, one in snap & two in aplix / hook & loop / Velcro.  They arrive with a bigger microfiber insert & a smaller microfiber insert.  The large insert is for when the diaper is on its largest setting.  The smaller insert is a "booster" or to stuff the diaper on the snapped settings.

Price:  $18.99 or so.  You have to buy from online Retailers.

Materials:  PUL on the outside and super soft fleece inside.  We have used these diapers several times.  The fleece has thinned out and pilled up after a few washes.  The fleece is not like how it was when we first received the diapers.   This does NOT effect the protection of the diaper.

Features:  The only special feature ONE of the diapers has, is the skull diaper.  The skulls glow in the dark!!! ... apparently? Now, I have tested the diaper before prepping and after.  Has it glowed? NO!!! Oh well.  I bought the diaper because I am obsessed with skulls!!! So, if you are really needing a glow in the dark diaper for whatever goofy reason, then this is NOT for you!!! Although I am sure you can contact Happy Heiny's.  I never bothered.  I don't care.
Another feature is the HUGE pocket to stuff!!! My husbands hands are gigantic manly hands and he will NEVER have a problem stuffing this diaper what so ever!! See!?

Although, I am not too fond of the pocket in a way that there is no ... security.  There is no "extra flap" of fleece to hold the insert in.  I have never had a problem with the insert falling out or touching Colton's back.  I believe its due to the Elastic in the back is tight enough to hold the inserts in.  

Sizing:  Depends on what diaper you get from Happy Heiny's, but we only own the OS (one size) which is to fit 8-35 lbs.  Colton got his first HH at 13lbs or so and it fit him great.
There are 3 snaps going down the front of the diaper to ensure a fit from shorty to mr. tall.  =]  Colton is about 17 or 18 lbs right now and he is on snap 2 but was on snap 1, or shortest setting until about 16 lbs.
I really prefer this diaper in aplix.  I honestly cannot stand the snaps.  Yes, there are crossover snaps,  but I have not gotten a good fit in almost 4 months of use with snaps.  There is too much of a gap between snaps IMO.  When I do get more HH diapers,  they will only be aplix.  Plus, I love how the aplix has the cross over Velcro!!
I do have to say this diaper is super trim!! It can fit just about any pair of pants on Colton when we use 1 insert.

I love the fit around his chubby legs!

 Smallest setting against the small MF insert that it came with.

Largest setting against the small MF insert that it came with.

Night Time Diaper?  Yes!! We pair this diaper with two microfiber inserts and this diaper lasts 11+ hours without leaks.  We have NEVER had a leak in this diaper.

Laundry:  One annoying thing about the aplix diapers is that you have to use this like, twisty motion because there are no laundry tabs.  I don't mind it at all and am getting use to it, but I was disappointed at first.  I thought my diaper was broken!! LOL.

You can tumble dry the inserts and pocket on low, but I like to try to air dry the pockets and dry the inserts on medium heat.  That seems to work just perfect!!! 

Score:  4/5

Where to buy:  Online retailers like Fluff Envy,  Nicki's Diapers , Kelly's Closet, etc.  Just do a google search or check at the Happy Heiny's Site.

Will I recommend you buy this diaper?  Yes!!! You can just get an odd snap fitting but it will still fit great in the end.  OR else with aplix,  you just have to twist and toss into the diaper laundry.  Takes about 2 seconds of your time.  


  1. Those are awesome...I wish they had those when my kids were babies, thanks for following...following back.

  2. Oh wow...seeing these cute and functional diapers makes me wish I had cloth-diapered all of mine! Sadly...we used the disposable. I really never knew diapers like these were out there. My younger sister wore cloth diapers back in the late 70's and I still have in my head the images of those pins, and rubber pants...

    Glad to see they have improved much!

    I saw your link on the Having Fun Blog Hop -- I'm your newest follower :)