Friday, April 15, 2011

{review} Thirsties Duo Diaper

We own three Thirsties Duo diapers, their version of a Pocket diaper.  Two in size 1 and one in size 2 (which we haven't used yet because its new and about to be prepped within the next day or so).  We own cool stripes (size 1), blackbird (size 1) & meadow (size 2).  When they arrived,  they all came packaged up in cute ribbon.

Price:   $18.50 for solid color.  $19.50 for prints.  Although other retailers might give or take a dollar here or there, but this is the price I have seen.

Materials:  Outside Shell is 100% PUL.  Against babies bottom is 100% Polyester Microfleece, although when it arrived, the Polyester Microfleece was super soft and felt like heaven!! After a few washes ... the microfleece has thinned out and pilled up, which makes the inside not as soft and cozy anymore.  This does NOT effect the way the diaper absorbs though.

The two inserts are different from eachother.  They snap together.  One insert is 55% Hemp & 45% Cotton and is safe against babies bottom & takes several washes and dries to be fully absorbant.  The other insert is 100% polyester-microfiber which is NOT safe agasint babies bottom.  The inserts are very thin, which makes me weary.  Typically, Colton can go a few hours with zero leaks with a typical microfiber insert in any other diaper.  Just ONE.  But in the Thirsties Duo Diaper, the inserts are so thin that they NEED to be snapped together to get the same absorbancy as any other brand  of one microfiber.   This sort of annoys me honestly.  I wish we just needed to use one or the other.  But thankfuly the snapped inserts are thin enough that its not bulky.

Features:  This diaper has a few different features.
Like I meantioned above, two inserts that snap together.   You don't find that in many, or actually any .. pocket diaper.   The inserts are thin enough that its fine between babies legs.  But on the negative side, the inserts leak on us.  The diaper holds one pee session and if I don't catch the diaper right away (hey, who checks their babies diaper every 30 minutes? Hell no. Not me!)  & he finishes that pee later on ... the whole top area is soaked.  =[  So this diaper is good for a few hours, but after that ... expect a leak.  Unless I have the wrong size.  I'll talk about size down below.
Leg gussets are a total score!!  I love leg gussets in diapers!!! We have very few diapers with leg gussets.  When Colton was exclusivly breastfed and had major poop explosions,  I can honestly say he had ZERO blow outs!!!  This diaper fit amazingly tight against his chubby legs.  There was going to be NO blowouts what so ever!!

The pocket on this diaper is duo ended.  Meaning, in my words, opened in the front & back.  Its for laundry purposes so that the inserts can tumble their way out in the wash from either end, but that does ME no good since I personally take each and every insert out and separate everything.  I have OCD in the laundry department.  I even have to make sure our shirts are flattened out and de-wrinkled, as well as underwear turned inside out.  LOL.  But to get back on subject, I have to say this is the only diaper that we own that has a duo pocket opening, which by the way, is super hard to stuff.  I am tiny.  I have tiny small hands.  But our size 1's are difficult to stuff.  I won't allow my husband to stuff these diapers because his hands are HUGE! He would get like 4 fingers in the diaper and thats IT!  I hope size 2 is a better stuff.  I do however LOVE the flap on the inside front of the diaper, to hold the inserts in.  Clever because now the insert has no way of leaving the front of the diaper when in use.

Sizing:  There are 2 sizes in this diaper.  Size 1 (6-18 lbs) & Size 2 (18-40 lbs).  Each diaper has 3 snaps to adjust the height.  The size 1, I swear, WILL fit a newborn.  I do believe this diaper is true to size when it says it will fit 6 lbs.  When snapped all the way down, Size 1 is about as tiny as my tiny hand.

super tiny. awwwww.

Largest setting.  Colton is about 18 lbs and growing out of this largest setting.  Butt Crack now shows!! Which is why I am thankful for the size 2 that arrived.  Which is a possibility as to why this diaper leaks on us.  

Very trim all around though.  This is a good diaper for under pants.

You can adjust the diaper around the waist with velcro only.  I love velcro, but not Thirsties.  The velcro, or aplix, is very very weak.  It takes nothing to get these babies undone.

If I tighten the aplix any tighter, his legs will loose circulation.  So, he has a gap there.  Which might be due to leaking as well. 

Night Time Diaper?  Oh NO!!!  Unless you stuff another one or two inserts in.  In which case, forget it.  This is a nap time diaper.  In our house, morning nap only since morning naps are 1 hour.

Laundry:  These diapers only come in aplix.  There are laundry tabs.  YAY!! But ... they come undone with most washes.  Like I meantioned above, the aplix, or velcro, is weak.  There are no special instructions to wash and dry.  Just the typical.  Wash in warm or hot water.  Dry in dryer or hang to dry.  I typically wash on hot and dry the inserts in the dryer.  The pockets or shells, get dried in the dryer once a month or so otherwise they are hung to dry.  The Jersey Hemp still comes out damp from the dryer so I always have to hang dry that for another 2 hours to fully dry.

Score:  3/5

Where to Buy:  Online retailers or you can stop by the Thirsties Website and see what stores around your area sells them.  I have seen Thirsties diapers on Fluff Envy, Cotton Babies, Kelly's Closet, and more.

Will I recommend you buy this diaper?:  Meh.  Yes & No.  There are bright colors & adorable prints.  If you can shell out almost $20 for a diaper that lasts during the day a few hours tops, then go for it.  But honestly NO if you are a family who is out and about all the time and/or your don't have time to change diapers every hour.  This diaper may be better in the toddler range because they pee much less and you have to change them much less often typically.  I would get more size 2's to add to our collection for when Colton is older.


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  2. Thanks for the thorough review! I haven't tried a duo since my little guy has been out of his newborn stash but it worked well for us when he was a tiny little guy!

    I'm a new follower from the Friday blog hop! Would love if you'd stop by and visit at ! Have a great weekend!

  3. Thirsties Duo might work better with a different shaped baby. slimmer legs. LOL. the fit was weird which is why i am excited to try the size 2 on my little guy. I'm sure it'll work much better!!! I love the Thirsties covers. One of my favorites, so I am not giving up!!! =]