Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Urban Decay FOTD {3/31}

I used every color in the palette, except for the 2 blues.  I dont even know what i put where.  Just mixed everything together ...

I kinda like how I don't look soo pale!! LOL.

Today, I am skipping makeup during the kids' nap.  I am going to do a few reviews.  Or at least one diaper review for sure.  Maybe a few makeup reviews.  We went to the park so I hope the boys take a nice long nap so I can work on some reviews.  

Can I throw a finger up at my brows?  They are not working for me lately!!! The tail end is driving me insane. I feel like shaving the tails off to start over.  Hell, its better than back in the days when I used to shave off all my brows and draw them on to shape them. LOL. ewwwwwwwwww! 


  1. I love this. I need to do more funky things with my eye makeup. I adore urban decay but I don't use the super pigmented awesome colors often enough

  2. see, i cant use pale or light colored shadow on me. i dont "feel right". lol. like most people feel like they're wearing too much with a dark or colorful eye. but thats how i feel comfy. =] i think everybody looks sexy in colorful eye makeup. you would too! do it!