Friday, May 20, 2011

May Birchbox & review

The May Birchbox took inspiration from Mom and everything she's taught us over the years.  Take care of your skin with serums and masks, & dress things up with Stila Eyeshadow.  Don't forget to finish up with a spritz of something lovely - Perfume!

This morning I got my very first Birchbox.  Its a $10 monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time & the box contains beauty products.  I am a whore ... er, I mean beauty whore =]  This monthly box allows me to peek inside, try out the samples and purchase what I love or hate on what ... I hate. =/  Let me tell you what I got and my reviews / opinions on the items so far.

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream.  sample size 3.4 oz.  Full size RV $20
This satiny cream is rich without being heavy, and sinks into skin for major therapeutic benefits.
Did they mention the smell? Gah no.  Its horrific!  Reminds me of my grandmother.  Totally not a scent I'd EVER pick out for my hands or body.  BUT I can say ... it does sink right into your skin.  You only need very little.  My hands felt like silk.  I love this stuff, in the silky side of the fence.  I would totally get a full sized, if there was a different scent.  I cannot imagine walking around smelling like death. 

BVLGARI;  Mon Jasmin Noir.  sample size 50 ml.  Full Size RV $80.
The Italian fragrance house's latest winner has waves of ripe fruit with a base of heady jasmine.
Oh dear gawd no.  Again, grandma in the house!  I cannot stand the smell.  I'm more of a fruity fruity girl.  If not fruity, vanilla musky smell.  Oh dear, I don't know what to say.  I'm pretty grossed out. Maybe I'll toss some on if I don't want my husband near me.? =[ LOL.

Archipelago Pomegranate soap.  sample size 6.8 fl oz.  Full Size RV $12.50
A triple-milled (read:  ultra-smooth) soap loaded antioxidant-rich white tea and pomegranate to gently clean hands and body. 
This soap is sooooo silky!  The smell is amazing!!! I am going to use this instead of my body wash until its gone.  I will most likely get a full sized version of this.  It leaves your hands / body silky and smelling delicious! 

{FULL SIZED} Stila Eyeshadow in mambo.  Full sized pan 0.09 oz RV $18. 
An easy-to-blend shadow with a velvety texture.  Apply it dry for a wash of color, or add a little water to turn it into a liner.
I love Stila shadows!!! This is one pretty purple color I do not have.  When swatched, there was a bluish / pinkish duo-chrome.  This is sooo pigmented and buttery!  This box was worth it to get just this eyeshadow! It seemed like everybody else got a brown, gold, or black Stila Shadow this month.  I don't know why I got mambo, but I'm so happy!  The more makeup, the better! 

{TREAT} Tiny Prints Blank Card. 
What the hell am I suppose to do with a blank card?  Maybe somebody up above is telling me I need to send a card to someone special.  I'll sit and ponder who I need to write to and I'll send it off =] Oh, but the card is super adorable though!  So I might write to myself and keep it on my nightstand to remind me of how awesome I am =]

So all in all, I was 70% satisfied with my first Birchbox.  I hope the following months are better.  The Stila eyeshadow is what made the cake.  If it weren't for that, I think I'd be crying.  =/  I look forward to next months Birchbox.  I'm kind of excited!!! =] 


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