Monday, May 2, 2011

YOU!!! If you wear makeup or you know somebody who does ...

Okay mama's ... & makeup whores!  I have a deal for you.  Check out Spectrum Cosmetics.  Erica is a blast to work with!!!  She sells pigments {& other goodies for your gorgeous face & luscious body!} for $3 a POP!!! You get a 3 gram jar stock full of delicious pigment.  MMMMM!!! Yea .. don't eat it!  But you know, you can choose colors that are as vibrant as fruit.  Or you can be me subtle and choose colors that are more for a neutral eye.  If I were going to toss on a neutral eye today, I'd choose Spectrum Cosmetics Pigments in:

Sassy as my highlight

Dirty Thirsty as my lid and lower lash line

& Coffee Grounds as my crease color

This would suit anybody IMO.  But, if you're moreso into BRIGHTS ... go right ahead and take a peek at what Erica at Spectrum Cosmetics has to offer you!!!  

But you gotta hurry you little sassy and sexy Divas.  She's allowing you all to take 15% off your whole entire order by using Mama15 at checkout which ends May 04, 2011. 
Mothers day is just right around the corner and you deserve to spend some cash on some awesome PIgments to pretty up your peepers or to pout those lips out. =]  

You can, however ... take a look at my Spectrum Cosmetics Giveaway and have a chance at winning THREE pigments of your choice as well.  =]

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  1. I really like some of their colors. I sent you a tweet with a couple questions though. =]