Thursday, June 23, 2011

Breastfeeding & The Daddy

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When I was 20, I became pregnant with Chayden.  The whole time I said I was NOT going to breastfeed.  I mean, who does that disgusting thing?  Boobs are NOT for feeding.  I mean, my mom only nursed me for 2 weeks and still bitched about it to this day about how disgusting and degrading it is.  I told my dad this and he said, "Well no, I thought you were suppose to breastfeed for a year, and one year only? Maybe you should look into it."  Through all of this, my "boyfriend" {now my husband} agreed with me.  We both agreed to the stupidity of what my mom said.  *shrugs*  Thank goodness for my dad!  The whole 1 year thing is completely wrong {22 months for Chayden!} but totally understandable.  =]  
With that, I borrowed a book from my SIL, who got the book from HER SIL.  At the time my SIL had a 2 month old, was breastfeeding and LOVED it.  She gave me the book {its been 5years so I forgot what book it was.  Pink Cover.  Cartoony pic of Mother nursing baby on rocking chair?}  The book was addicting!  I could NOT put it down!  I loved reading all the info.  I quickly changed my mind.  I told Bobby how I wanted to try nursing and my plan was, 2 weeks tops.  He agreed.  We were young.  Thats not an excuse but we didn't have support either.  NONE.  His mom said no to breastfeeding because nobody else would be able to feed the baby, ... you know, all them lame excuses.  
Well, Chayden arrived.  2 weeks past his due date. Thank you veeeeeeery much!  He latched on strong.  We had zero issues.  2 weeks past.  2 months past.  6 month mark.  I'm totally addicted!  Do I really have to start introducing foods?   Bobby was so supportive and LOVED every minute of me nursing Chayden.   We had no idea we would love this as much as we did.  I fed, Bobby gave baths.  He still does to this day.  Thats our routine.  Now my husband is to the point of  "shame on you for not even trying breastfeeding! *shakes head*"  He at first with Chayden, Bobby totally said never past 1 year.  But I nursed for 22 months with full support and my ONLY support from my husband.  He stood up for me when people looked at me like I was in the wrong, to family, friends & strangers.  My husband prepares Colton for nursing by grabbing a blanket, swaddling him next to my breast & sitting right next to me or keeping Chayden busy.  
I could NOT ask for a better support system.   Now we say, lets breastfeed for as long as possible thank you very much <3
During the breastfeeding months / years, Dad can do a TON!  Baths, feed solids, cook, clean, keep older children busy, change clothes, change diapers, etc etc ... I mean, you can always resort to pumping.  Which, I did and I have tons of unused milk.  But nothing has changed.  My husband works all the time so he is never home for a bottle feeding anyways even if I WERE just bottle feeding.  So in reality, all of these lame sobbing tears of "oh the dad wont be able to feed the baby and bond" is bull crap!  Bonding includes baths, snuggling, playing, kisses, reading a book, etc ... I'm sure you can find about 10+ more bonding techniques.  


  1. I'm so glad you did so well on the boob. I had all sorts of major issues. I really wish I could have...would have saved a boatload on formula!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  2. This is so awesome to hear! It's amazing what other people sometimes say about breastfeeding, considering that it's the way that our ancestors nourished their children for our entire history.

    Love that your husband is so supportive. Thanks so much for linking up to the Breastfeeding Blog Hop. I hope you'll join in again - next week's topic is pumping. If you haven't pumped, feel free to write about why not :)