Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Minnesota

The weather today was 100+ degrees! Is that even possible in Minnesota?  I haven't seen these numbers in years! With that, I hand washed Colton's diapers from yesterday (3 flats and a fleece cover) at 8am and by 10am, everything was DRY! I let them sun a bit more while we went to the BEACH!  Colton pretty much slept the whole time. He hated the water.  It wasn't cold at all.
Chayden though, he stayed in the water for almost 4 hours! He had a blast talking and playing with other kids =]
I suppose summer is officially here.  YAY!  & I hope we can hit up the beach almost daily <3 Serves us right, spending $20 on the park reserve pass. ...

ps.  I hope and pray there are most 90+ degree days !!!


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