Monday, June 6, 2011

ExBoyfriend T-Shirts Coupon Code!

I ran across this pretty kick ass T-Shirt shop online called ExBoyfriend: Clothing That Starts a Conversation.  Let me tell you to check out this awesome site because I can totally see me, you or someone you know, wear these shirts and get awesome compliments!  You can also grab any T-Shirt design and have it printed on ANY COLOR T-Shirt that you want!  I have came across many T-Shirt sites / stores online and they all seem to have the same exact "funny design" but with the sites looking different.  These ExBoyfriend T-Shirt Designs are slightly similar, but totally different and unique!
There are other benefits to purchasing an ExBoyfriend shirt.  5% of all net profits support local animal charities.  ExBoyfriend shirts also have organic T's!! =] We all know we love how soft and green organic is! 
The T-Shirts range from infants up to Mens' sizes.  You'll find a range of shirts for everybody in your family. But what if you don't want or need a T-shirt?   A long sleeve shirt, hoodie or even tote bags are available!  

Connect:  Buy something at ExBoyfriend and enter MAMA10 for a 10% off coupon code at checkout only for the month of June so hurry for a Fun Father's Day Gift!  
Like ExBoyfriend on Facebook & you'll get FREE shipping with purchases over $69.00. 

Happy Shopping because we all know our husbands or other "daddies" in our lives need to add something kick in their T-Shirt Drawers!  

Couldn't Be more perfect for my Husband! He is a maintenance tech ..


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