Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally Friday!


Its still Friday in my books!  I have a few more minutes left so spare me =]

How was your week?
AMAZING!!!  Chayden started his Kindergarten readiness program.  He is doing so well and learned so much in just 4 days!  Colton is a speedy crawler now.  And Bobby {my husband} got me a sewing machine so I am going to go and sew like a mad woman!  I might open up shop!  I had been sewing for YEARS!  But I plan on making hanging wet bags, cloth diapers {all sorts}, makeup brush holders, etc etc ...

What’s the weather been like where you live?
Warm.  Not hot and not sunny really.  We went 4 days with no sun and it was rainy.

What’s on your nails today?
Fingernails nothing because I am about to bleach my hair and put acrylics on in a few days.  Giving some breathing room.  Toe nails are PURE ICE First Love over a Wet n' Wild deep purple. so pretty!

Do you feel your actual age or older or younger (mentally)?
I feel younger!

What is your favorite bright makeup item to wear in the summer?

Let’s talk SPF. Do you wear SPF on your face every day, all year round?
no =[ oh wait. i think my covergirl foundation has spf!

If you had to live on a tropical island (inhabited) for the rest of your life, do you think you would get island fever?

What is your favorite summer-time activity?
Tanning at the beach. Sipping lemon ice tea during the day. Smashing beer around a bon fire at night.

How do you change your exercise routine when the weather starts getting super hot?
More frequent walks.

What are your weekend plans?
Saturday is a parade in the morning.  Then we have a 25 yr. anniversary to go to.  A Judo one.  Sunday is church then for dinner, a father's day party at the in laws <3 BBQ time!


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