Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Handwashing ALL cloth diapers

This is my personal challenge.  We all know about the flats handwashing challenge that just ended so this got me thinking ....  (I didn't participate because I would of felt bad for procrastinating and backing out.  I always say I will do something challenging wise, and I never end up doing it. )
I noticed that today was day 3 of dirty cloth diapers.  The diaper pail was 1/4 full.  I was starting to freak out that Colton's diapers would grow mold if they sat especially with Summer around the corner.  I will not do diaper laundry until the pail is full.  We have coin machines and it is what it is.  I typically did diaper laundry every 5 days unless something out of the ordinary happened!!! But, we had zero issues mainly because it was cold-ish in here with lots of air flow.  Also, No leaks or stinkies in the clean diapers.
BUT! To get back on track ... I don't want Colton's diapers to end up moldy or smelly.  He sleeps long solid stretches now which includes me not waking him but includes me changing him only 4x's a day. Thats 6 days of wet diapers laying around for a full diaper load ... hell no.
Okay okay. Onto my personal Challenge. Every morning.  Hand wash the previous days' diapers in the sink.  It'll take me 30 minutes which is the time that Chayden eats.  I already started my personal challenge with 3 cloth diaper loads so far.  I will totally miss the soft inserts coming out of the dryer =[  *sigh* But it really needs to be done in order to save Colton's diapers.
I think I will machine wash / dry the diapers once a month to seal in the PUL, like usual.
This may not work though.  We use AIO's as well and I will not stop using the AIO's because of Summertime.  If I have to end up washing 8 diapers every other day, then so be it.  But I'd rather not ...


  1. Since it's been hot here lately I've been hand washing my little ones diapers and hanging them outside to dry. The AIO take forever to dry, but the pockets, covers & prefolds all have been drying pretty fast Yaaay

  2. Krystal, I'm having a hard time with my prefolds. they come out like cardboard so i think i am going to skimp on prefolds for the summer OR just wash them alone like once a week. pre-rinse in the sink of course so they don't rot with smell.