Saturday, June 25, 2011

I really DON'T LIKE Rafflecopter

I have an email specifically set for emails that need to be seen THAT day and responded to quickly.  There has been ZERO spam in that email for er ... 4 years now?  I fill out one of those Rafflecopter Forms, and the next day I get 50 spam!  (I get about 100 a day now ...) Coincidence? No?  I think yes.  I know its a trial thing for now but I refuse to fill those out from now on.  Spam city! IMO at least ...
Is anybody else having troubles with Rafflecopter?


ps.  I just talked to the founder of Rafflecopter.  I did say I don't like the Rafflecopter forms in the title (talking about spam, specifically), but I do love how its simply easy and fun to use.  I'm just "errrrr" about the whole idea.  I am going to make a new email account and fill out a few Rafflecopter forms and see if that one gets spam.  I HOPE not because Rafflecopter is easy to use.  The best idea out there!!!  ... If there is no annoying spam ... Ha


  1. Hey Cassondra,

    I'm J.R. (@runningskull), the other full-time founder of Rafflecopter. I'm really sorry you're having spam problems. I know how incredibly annoying that is. I hate it that it even seems like it might be our doing :( - but in your shoes I'd wonder the same thing.

    Even though Greg emailed you earlier as soon as he saw this post, I just want to chime in here. We loathe spam as much as you do, and we'd rather go out of business than give your email address to spammers. We take every care we can to make sure no one can see the email addresses except for us (and then only if we need to troubleshoot a problem) and the blogger running the giveaway (whom hopefully you trust with that info).

    I think your idea about another test email account is fantastic, and I'd love to know how your testing goes.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, and honestly thanks for being concerned about your privacy. If you (or anyone else) ever have any other concerns, questions, comments, or feedback of any kind, you can reach me personally at, or through any of the methods on


    ps. As far as the general spam problem on the web, I can't stop telling folks how great GMail is at getting rid of spam. I leave my email address in public sites all the time and have seen almost 0 spam in years. It's awesome! :)

  2. Thanks JR! Lets hope this works! You guys are so awesome replying back. You guys totally seem like your company is in good hands! If there is a problem, you guys would fix it a.s.a.p. Thats pretty cool =]
    But like I said, I'll email if the other email has spam issues. *crosses fingers for zero spam*

  3. I've been using Rafflecopter for my own giveaways for several weeks now and I've also been entering giveaways using it like crazy. I've not experienced any additional spam at all. I would defiantly test it out using a different email account.

  4. @Bridget, Thanks! i'm glad that you havent' gotten any spam. I just hate how it clutters up my junk mail and I skip a bunch of important messages. I really hope it was something else that got my email out. I did enter a few rafflecopter giveaways yesterday and I found no spam ... so far =] *thumbs up!*