Monday, June 13, 2011

New blog

I started up a new blog! =]   Its about mental and verbal abuse. My stories and my journey in getting help.  I don't want to kill this blog with all of that even though Mama's Passions was going to be meant for anything and everything (another passion is writing and babbling on and on about anything and everything ...).  But this new blog is set on private and nobody will find it or know its me unless I personally direct you to it.  If you know somebody who needs to read a blog like the one I just made, even yourself just because you're curious, email me at muloove at yahoo dot com.  I want others to read it and give me their stories and insights as well.


okay ... done with this.  Back to awesome parenthood, cloth diapering, boobie juice, fashion & cosmetics! <3

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  1. Loved to be a part of your post. So cool and happening.