Thursday, June 23, 2011

Opening Up a Shop

Not now, not now!  Bobby got me a sewing machine.  I will be making cloth diapers, nursing pads, mama pads / menstrual pads, diaper bags / purses, blankets, bibs, etc etc ... I will start with a little bit at a time and keep adding.  I honestly don't know what to call my shop / store.  I had been daydreaming for several days now.  I still need help in finding a name.
Lawless seems to come to mind.
The prints of my items will be bright, bold, funky, modern, some retro, artistic, eye catching, ...
I want to see a name that will suit all sorts of items from a baby boy in a diaper to a grown woman carrying an oversized purse.
My first order of fabrics are coming in the mail.  I have several things to make for my kids / friends' until I start selling.  I hope this works out.  Knowing me, I always tend to want to do something but find things that stand in the way.  I better get good use of this sewing machine because I miss sewing.  It reminds me of the time when I used to sew EVERYTHING when I was younger.  Nobody could talk to me or bother me.  I would stay up for hours and just make clothes, purses, etc.  It was my "zone" and I could never hear a single soul speak to me.  =]
I will keep this updated with my thoughts and progress. =]


  1. good luck! sounds fuN!

    what happened to your page?

  2. I decided to revamp it. Still in the process. I just grabbed a free layout. The white background was boring me. I don't stay with things too long, you'll see. LOL.