Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Product Chat} Nemesis Collection

Whether you love makeup like ME, wear it daily because that's what you do, or you buy it to gift to other friends / family ... I suggest you check out Nemesis Collection on Etsy!  (By the way, when she reaches 200 sales, I will be having a kick ass giveaway on here sponsored by Nemesis Collection!).  I am a mother of 2.  I do find time to apply makeup when Chayden is gone now to his Kindergarten Program and Colton is napping.  WOW!  Before, I could not find any time to have 30 minutes to myself with blogging and running around for sports events with Chayden. Now I'm back in the swing of things and I LOVE MAKEUP! I love to talk about it, touch it, etc ...
So ... anyways, Krystal of Nemesis Collection has amazing items to sell!  Her pigments are very pigmented.  They have wonderful color pay off.  When applied to a different colored base for giggles, you get a different effect.  I mean, wow!  Get a few and you'll see what I mean!  In future posts, I will post different FOTD's (face of the day) with her pigments showing off different looks and how to get the duo chrome effect!

Lemon Yellow!

What I love about Nemesis Collection is that her pigments and other goodies are very affordable!  She sells samples if you're not comfortable buying a full jar of pigment.  But let me tell you, her sample sizes are incredible!  Krystal says that the sample size is enough for 4-6 uses but she is being silly!  =] I can pull off about 10+ different looks with just a sample size.  Trust me!  You can purchase a sample size for $2.00 a baggie.

Sifter vs. Large

As you can see, there are two different options for jar pigments.  Sifter or Large.  Lets talk about the Sifter Jars

Sifter jar pigments are placed in a 5 gram Jar with a sifter right on top so you loose some product compared to a Large Pigment Jar.  I personally am not a fan of sifter jars because I like to load my brushes up with lots of color for my go to smoky eye looks. BUT!! If you are looking for subtle color, looking to grab a little bit of pigment at a time from your brush, OR you are clumsy ... Then this is for you!!! Get some sifter jar pigments for $5.00 a piece!

The last kind of size preference is the Large Jars of Pigments that are sold for $7.00.  You get a 5 gram jar once again, BUT the pigment is filled all the way up to the top!  I love these kind of jars because I work better with dipping my brush, tapping excess off onto jar lid, and applying.  Either way works just for anybody honestly though.  I suppose its just your preference.  =]

Glitters are $4.00 for a 3 gram jar.  The glitters are FDA approved for face, eyes & nails.  But please don't be crazy and actually PUT the glitter IN your eyes! duh ... =/

Lastly, we head over to the falsies!  I am a huge fan of falsies!  I love these ones!! They are quite big, but I am a dramatic makeup lover.  These babies are THICK and go up to my brows.  LOVE THEM!!  There are a few different kinds and they are priced at $1.25. =] Just clip the ends off, use your lash glue, and you're good to wink =]

This girl has hair bows, jewelry, ect ... I'm sure you'll find something for anybody! <3

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I received items from Nemesis Collection for Free in exchange for a product review.  Thank you Nemesis Collection


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