Monday, July 18, 2011

Chayden's Birthday Party + Sisters House Burnt down

Chayden is turning 5, August 23rd.  *sad*  Where does time go? I don't know!  He wants a transformers theme.  He typically LOVES Bumblebee but he wants Optimus Prime as the main Character.  Bobby and I plan on having the party at a nearby park.  This year, will be different in many ways.

1.  We will have this party at a park.
2.  The party will be combined with his older cousin who is turning 6 a week later.  Hell, we're inviting the same people so WHY not!?
3.  I will NOT be inviting my family.  I will invite my middle sister because we are close but other than that, I really don't have intermediate family.  I cut ties with them.  I feel so refreshed!

But, a few weeks before Chayden's birthday party, is Colton's Baptism.  Yes, much later than we wanted. But to think of it, he will fit into Chayden's Baptism outfit, I think?  I thought it was size 18 months so I'll have to double check.  If not, Babies R Us, here we come!

I have lots of invitations to make and send out.  I have lots of ink to buy.  I don't have a creative bead in my head right now for when it comes to illustrations on photoshop.  =/  Time is running out!  But I'm a total procrastinator!
And who didn't post about the 4th of July weekend? ME! Yep, un-proudly me.  I haven't emptied out the camera yet.

Now, let me talk about some disturbing news that happened July 13 @ 3:00am.  A townhome fire.  55 People / children are left without a home.  =/  That includes my Sister in Law and her two children.  They lost everything pretty much.  It was said to be arson.  This is a pretty stressful time in their lives right  now so if you pray, they would appreciate any prayers to go out to them.  Thank you!

Lastly, I'm off to bed.  But I have a few giveaways posted on the right hand side.  And really, your kids will LOVE  the LaDy LaDuke Little Artist Cover for art time, cape for playtime, & toy carrier for .. all day time! The giveaway for that ends real soon and sadly, there are zero entries!  I don't get it.  The Cover / Carrier / Cape is so helpful in Chayden's little life right now.  He loves to be Superman!  + The paint and markers stay off his clothes.  This Cover / Cape / Carrier is especially hand made and lots of love was put into creating this.  I hope you enter so you can get a Cover of your own for your little ones! You'll be missing out if you don't check it out. I promise =]


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