Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colton's 9 Month appointment. Not so good, at all =/

Yesterday was Colton's 9 Month. I was SURE he was around 22 lbs. I swore up and down. At his 6 month, we were told that he hadn't gained any weight since he was 2 months old. He was a big boy at 17 lbs. Literally.  Okay, not literally. He was 16 lbs some ounces.  So,
2 months - 16 lbs
4 months - 17 lbs.
6 months - 17 lbs.
He was pretty much off the charts and started to lower himself on the charts. So, we figured out his acid reflux at his 6 month appointment. At 7 months weight gain, he was 19 lbs! He gained 2 lbs in one month. !!! So, we figured, since he was put on meds, a happier baby and now eating as well as nursing, that he was going to be a chunker at his 9 month appointment.
Well, he dropped from 19 lbs down to 17 lbs again. They re-checked him. Colton ended up with blood tests and having a catheter inserted in him. He was screaming the whole time and they got nothing out of him =[ I looked and the Triage nurse had blood on her gloves. I almost fainted, a little.
So, we have to go back in August for a weight check again. As well as another catheter if he didn't gain his weight back.  I don't get it. He eats constantly!
His percentile went from 95% in weight down to 7% !!! In just 2 months. Makes me want to vomit. I want to just hold Colton and figure out whats going on!


  1. He seems like he is a good weight.

  2. He is at a good weight for his age but the thing that is concerning is the fact that he hasn't gained anything at all for 7 months, especially since this is a critical time for him to grow, and instead of gaining, he is loosing. He went from 95% in weight down to 7% in 2 months. Its a sign of kidney failure or, anything really. His dr. said he will call me and let me know the blood results in a few days. =[

  3. oh god! That does sound serious. Don't worry, yet! He looks happy and healthy. Keep me posted on the doctor report.

  4. Oh yep. I'll let you know! I hope its nothing! Colton is SO Happy, outgoing, and at the 11 month old milestones. He never has fevers. Ugh, I worried last night and has to cuddle him in my bed, as well as kiss him about 500 times to assure myself =]

  5. you have sweet boys and they are soooo lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents...keep up the good work. You can see the love in them and that is a good thing.

  6. haha. thanks! Now I have the urge to nibble on their cheeks. =] Gah, I love my babies more than anything! There are no words to describe it. <3

  7. Oh, how worrisome! This is one of the worst parts of being a mama; you know you're doing everything right, so why isn't the little guy gaining weight? I hope everything works out in the end!

  8. Oh poor Momma and poor babe! Prayers coming your way. I really hope you all figure it out soon!