Monday, July 11, 2011

Handwashing Cloth Diapers ... ***FAIL***

Its been 2 months now?  Yea, I think 2 months.  I said to myself, "I am going to handwash everything cloth diaper related for the summer." Why?  Because our place is stuffy / humid and things mold if they are wet for a few days.  I wash once a week in the machines {rinse everything in the sink first before tossing in wet bag or pail.} and if I were to do that in the summer, I'd have ruined diapers for sure!
Well, this is what happened.  We were doing GREAT!  But I quickly lost interest.  2 months.  It rained and was dark out for almost 10 days straight.  I had to hang dripping diapers all over the humid apartment because of the gloomy days.  The diapers started to stink like, mildew?  It took 2 days for diapers to dry.  Then the prefolds were turning yellow / orange.  The stains were getting unbearable.  But, I tried =]  I took everything and washed all in the machines today and I am going to continue using the machines, while keeping my fingers crossed that we will have mold free diapers! LOL.  Needless to say, the diapers smell fresh, look whiter than ever & are sooooooo fluffy again.


  1. Shucks :( rain puts such a damper on handwashing. We handwash and air dry on our covered balcony even on rainy days (except when the wind blows it on to the balcony... which isn't often. The microfiber and zorb take forever to dry, but the hemp and bamboo still dry in less than 24hrs, no matter how humid or how much rain and clouds.

    I hope the mold goes away!

  2. the moldy / musty smell went away. i did 3 loads of diapers in the machine and everything came out perfect!