Saturday, July 23, 2011

Searching for a New Home

Lets be real here. Bobby & I have decided on getting our own place, YEARS ago.  I mean, our OWN place.  Not renting a small apartment or renting anything for that matter.  I have no idea why we just don't, ... jump in the water?
I think about our first home almost daily.  I want 4+ bedrooms but 3 will be okay.  I want at least 2 full sized bathrooms.  The front yard has to be big enough for the kids to go and play, with hardly any cars on the road.  I want a nice big fenced in back yard as well.  The neighborhood has to be a good one.  Lots of kids and a school just a few miles away.  Am I asking too much?  I hope not because I want this for my kids. While doing a quick search right now, for in the exact city we live in, I find 35 homes for sale.

I'm just going to toss down some that I just came across;

$69,900 with Mortgage payment of $320 / month.


This kitchen, as well as teh other 25 images, prove that it needs a TON of updating! Thats why I really like this house, picture wise. I have tons of ideas running through my head.

$108,000. As big as the house looks, the images look like everything is cramped!


everything looks nice and neat. hardwood floors are so pretty!




Basically, all in all, I need to move. I am so unmotivated in this cramped place. I love being home with my kids, but I feel like the only place we have to roam around is in our 10 ft. x 10 ft. living room. Ha. So, considering the first house ran for $320 / month mortgage payment, That is 1/3 of what we pay now for rent. I know we can do it. We just need to jump in the water and not drown.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment. Here to follow you back.

    Looks like you've picked out some nice houses. I love hardwood floors too. I like the $109,900 house, it looks like it has a really big yard. Happy house hunting to you and good luck. Looking forward to reading more from your blog.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  2. we're house hunting now too & it's SO FRUSTRATING. I just want to be done with it already & moved in! =)

  3. take the will be worth it in the long run..

  4. I have to get my husband to agree. He doesn't want to move in this area (I don't know why exactly. His excuses are silly) and the only other areas around here are "real ritzy and property taxes eat your butt" or "whoa! watch out for that gun! hide!" er, i might get in trouble for saying that, but its true. We will be looking after Christmas. That's for sure. We have so much money put into other things up until after Christmas, so my hunting online is the way to go, right now. We can get a really decent loan so I'm super excited to make this next step before baby #3.

  5. I like the looks of the $109,900 house. Good luck

  6. We owned our own home (until we moved out of the area for hubby's work) and loved it! We had it built in a little housing community though, so didn't have the stress of house hunting.

    As for taxes, they do stink, but you can have them paid by the mortgage company and they'll just include it in your monthly payment. That way it's not one big lump sum that you owe all at once. It's just risky sometimes because if your escrow ends up short (the account where the money goes for taxes and insurance if you have that paid through the mortgage company too) then you'll either owe a big lump sum or your mortgage payment will go up quite a bit. Our payment changed each year. Sometimes the escrow account would be over and we'd get a check and our payment would go down, or we'd owe and our payment would go up.

    Good luck! Have your own home is wonderful :)

  7. Thank you Tara! More info / food for thought. I love it and I have no idea about the whole taxes idea. I am very new at this and that's great info to pass along to my husband. =]

  8. It's very attractive 320$/month. Here, in France, to buy a place, it's often more expensive that a rent.

    Good luck !

  9. Buying a house is one of the best and worst times. Its fun finding a house but the financing part stressed me out! Good luck with your search.

  10. I've never seen houses at such low prices! oh my! I can't even imagine - I'm in the DC area and most 1 bedroom condos sell for over $200k... I can't even imagine! Good luck with the search!

  11. oh what! thats so high! lol. i would never be able to make it in your area. oh wow! $100 is pretty average, with what I'm seeing, around here =]