Friday, August 26, 2011


It has been a pretty busy August!  I am trying to spend as much time as possible with Chayden before I send him off to kindergarten in a few weeks.  I have some giveaways that need to go up and some that need winners picked.  I will try to get that done as soon as possible.  I'm sorry and I know some people hate waiting around to see if they won a giveaway that they put time into. So, with that ... maybe you can even check out my Etsy shop. I am going to make some OS Pocket diapers today and put them up.  Although, my husband just bought me a brand NEW sewing machine last night so I have yet to figure it out.  I hope I can get comfortable enough with it soon enough to start putting more items in my etsy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Order Your affordable and kickin' OS Pocket Diapers!

Lawless Designs (yep, that's ME!) is waiting to make a few orders.  I made a few diapers for Colton yesterday to show off the style / design / fabric.  I was making his diapers with velcro but then I got some snap pliers and I really love the snaps better.  I used to be a velcro type of mama because of the more customized fit.  But now that Snaps are much more fun and harder for Colton to take his diapers off, I have decided snaps are way more kick ass.  Especially when I use 4 instead of 3 on each side. When I had three on his black and white skulls diaper, I noticed that I Just didn't like the fit.  Now with 4 snaps, the fit is much more snugger and cuter =]

Anyways, the diapers are pocket diapers. They do NOT come with an insert but I am VERY sure you all have extra inserts laying around somehow.  Somehow I have like 50 extra inserts laying around so I stuff the diapers I make with those for Colton.  But in the near future, when I feel like it, I am going to make inserts for an extra cost.  Hey, some people do NOT want inserts because they just have so much crap laying around *raises hand*.
These super comfy diapers are One Size also.  Fitting a range of 8lbs (or so?) until about 35 lbs.

Putting one next to Chayden at age 5; 35 lbs, the largest setting fits a bigger kid. Chayden does NOT wear diapers but that's the best I can do with largest setting.  Colton is 10 months old at around 17 lbs or so and he is on the smallest setting still.  The rise is getting a bit short but he can still make it.

Diapers are $15.  Dang it, it takes me time.  =] And I have to use my concentration skills.  Ha! I went back and forth on pricing.  I decided on $15 because, all of these diapers are made by me only. No other help what so ever except an old Singer Machine.  I should charge $30 a diaper for how old the machine is.  LET ME TELL YOU!! But, its worth it for those sweet babies to have something soft on their butts, made with lots of LOVE and care.

Fabric is very limited.  I can only make very few diapers out of each fabric I have available.  Check out Lawless Designs on FaceBook in the Description area for detailed info and email me.  We can chat back and forth on your baby's pocket diaper and get it to how you like!  I know its probably annoying to copy and paste but I will have an Etsy filled when I start selling to make life easier on you!
Thank you so much!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lawless Designs Fabric Choices - Cloth Diapers for now ...

Okay, or minky bib or minky blanket. What have you.  But for now, I am trying to sell cloth diapers as the main point.  As I start making more progress and adding more items, I'll put prices and pictures up.  Lawless Designs description is:

"... please email me at muloove at yahoo dot com with subject "Lawless Designs" & order info.

Fabric Name(s):
Color Snaps:
Other additional information:
PayPal email to invoice:

Each snap Pocket diaper is One Sized, fitting a range of babies from 8-35lbs. There are rise snaps in the front to accommodate your growing baby. These diapers do NOT come with an insert so you will have to use your own that you have on hand. Each Pocket diaper will be $15, fully customized by you.
Outter Fabric Varies. Description on images. 1 Mil hidden PUL. Super soft WinterFleece Micro Chamois Inner.
I prewash all fabric in hot wash using Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diaper Friendly Detergent and dried in the dryer on high heat to pre-shink."

The Fabrics that came in the mail are:

Using this with Red Snaps for Colton. 

I adore this combo! I will add Lime Green Snaps for Colton.  The Cassette Tapes fabric will be in the back top half and on the wings.  The yellow portion will be the back bottom half and wrapping up to the front.

If you want more info, check out Lawless Designs on Facebook.  And better yet, don't forget to enter my giveaway, open to US residence for now!  

Don't be afraid to ask questions or let me know whats on your mind.  I'm new at this, lets be honest.  I can get all the help I can get, while I'm sitting here totally excited to make diapers & other kickin' baby gear.
I did sew when I was younger and I loved it. I took a high passion towards it and 10 years ago, I met my husband.  I stopped sewing, went to college, started a family and here I am.  My husband got me a sewing machine because he knew I wanted so badly to take up sewing again.  I sat down with my machine and within 15 minutes, it was like I never left the sewing world.  I enjoy making items and I hope you enjoy your products.
So, *eh hem*.  I know its silly to see fabrics and no diapers made with the actual fabrics, but be on the lookout as I make some more diapers for Colton and post them on here &/or Facebook.  =]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Kicks for school. Spiderman!

Lets be honest.  I really hate those ugly sketchers shoes or payless shoes, or walmart, what have you ... shoes with characters. So damn ugly. I will refuse to dress my kids in shoes like that. I just can't.  Besides that, I can't dress my boys in shorts that show their knees and their shirts have to go past their butt.  I get made fun of, pretty much daily.  Hell if I care. I'm too much into clothes and shoes to just let my obsession slide.
But, onto some pretty awesome kicks!  Spiderman!  Oh yea, I totally mentioned that in my title.  I love Finishline.  I buy shoes from there as much as I can.  But I got an email from them today sporting these:

They have them in preschool and toddler sizes.  Chayden is in between the preschool and big boy sizes so, I might have to grab him a pair.  Now, which one to choose? 

{Review & Giveaway} Robby Wash Ball - US

If you ask anybody, I am the laundry freak over here.  I am the ONLY one who touches anything that has to do with cleaning our clothes.  Friends have came up to me and said that they are comfortable coming to my house, taking a shower and use our towels because they KNOW I make sure everything is clean and fresh before I just hang something up or put it away.  I was even told that I smell everything that has to do with laundry.  I can't help it though.  I want my family to smell fresh & clean and feel like what they're wearing is soft and comfortable.  Dingy, dirty and stiff does NOT fly in my house.  I do laundry about 1 time a day, AT LEAST.  Sometimes 2x's.  We go through HUGE containers of liquid detergent like its NOTHING! I spend about $30 or more a month on laundry agents.  With the help of us saving loads of money in almost every aspect in our lives, I never thought of laundry until I ran across the Robby Wash Ball from Oransi.   I was sent a Fuchsia Robby Wash Ball, which is suitable for water temps 0-30 degrees.  So, for me, that's only my dark washes.  

Packaging & Storing:   The Robby Wash Ball came in a package with easy to understand instructions, three refills of the laundry solution, a stain stick and a filled up Robby Wash Ball.  After each use, I just take the Robby Wash Ball and store it in our closet with the rest of the laundry things.  We live in an apartment so I cannot just leave my Robby Wash Ball downstairs in the washing machine.  But, if you had your own washing machine, you could easily just keep the Robby Wash Ball inside your washing machine (HE or Top Loader) with the lid open so it can air out properly.

Scent & Sensitivity:  The laundry solution balls smell so fresh and clean!  There is a VERY slight aroma of lemon.  I can't figure it out but it smells so good!  The Robby Wash Ball is great for sensitive skin for anybody of all ages, including babies!  I was going to test the Robby Wash Ball on our cloth diapers, but then decided it wouldn't work.  Why? Because I only wash with HOT water and in that case, I would need the Blue Robby Wash ball which is effective in Warm or Hot Water Temperatures.

How to Use:   I have had the Fuchsia Robby Wash Ball for a few weeks now.  What I'm trying to say is, I have used the wash ball about 14 times.  Since I have the Fuchsia Robby Wash Ball, I can only use it with cold washes, which is our colors.  So, I load the machine up with our nasty smelly dirty clothes (hey, I live in a house full of boys and a man!).  Obviously not overfilling the machine.  Then, I toss the ball on top of the clothes directly under the stream of water where the machine fills up.  If you want to add softener, go for it!  I have washed with the Robby Wash Ball with and without softener.  It does not require that you use softener or stain fighters so you can skip all that.  But, the problem I faced was, some of my thinner shirts got kind of a static out of the dryer.  So, after about 6 washes, I started to use softener which helped a lot.

Stain Fighter?:  Honestly, we are pretty good at keeping stains at bay.  The only stains I ever see are on our whites so I haven't put the stain stick to use yet!! Although, I am going to use the stain stick on some whites I just pulled out of the dryer today.  Thanks chocolate milk! You stained my sons white T Shirt =]

Price:  $32.95 for a whole year of washing!  That's if, you wash one load every 3 days & you are guaranteed a whole years worth of washing!  $32.95 is what I spend a month on liquid detergent, stain fighters & softeners!

See.  One Robby Wash Ball = all those detergent bottles.  Count them. No wait, there's no point.  Just know that the Robby Wash Ball is worth it! 

Rating:   4/5  With the consideration of me having to purchase softener to use with the Robby Wash Ball {because I'm crazy like that but you really don't need to use ANY at all!}, I am perfectly okay with that!  All in all, the clothes come out CLEAN!!! No highly perfumed Scent what so ever is left on the clothes (if using NO softener) so like I said, GREAT for sensitive skin, and the lint catcher in the dryer proves that the clothes come out SOFT!  I had never taken lint out of the dryer that felt so soft like luxurious cotton! LOL.  I'm NOT kidding!

Where to Buy:  Check out the Robby Wash Ball and other economical household agents at

One Reader will win a Box Set like mine, in your choice of Washing Ball.  Either Blue for hotter temps or Fuchsia for Colder Temps.  United States Residence only.  No PO Boxes Please.

Mandatory:  2 separate entries please.
+1  You must follow my blog via GFC publicaly & leave following name.
+1  Visit Oransi online and tell me which home product you'd love to try next!

Extra entries.  You do not have to do these but these give you a higher chance in winning!
+1  Follow me on twitter.  Leave handle.
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+1  Subscribe to my email.  You must activate subscription & leave your email subscription address in a comment.
+1  Per running giveaway entered.  For example, you entered 4 other giveaways, leave 1 comment per giveaway entered, giving you multiple extra entries.
+5  Grab my button and leave me a link as to where I can find it.
+5  Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link as to where I can find it.
+5  Click the +1 google button below if you have a google account.

+1 per tweet.  Tweet this giveaway 3x's a day.  Leave me the URL of your tweet. You may use your own creative tweet or use the sample:

#giveaway #win a Robby Wash Ball. One ball equals one year supply of Laundry detergent! Save money, be eco-friendly!

+1  Picket Fence Vote.

+3  Post this giveaway on your Facebook wall with a link back to this post.  You can use your own creative wording or copy / paste the one I have below:

I just entered to win a whole year supply of Laundry detergent! In just a tiny ball? Check it out here!

If you do NOT do the mandatory entry FIRST, all of your other entries will NOT count.  Please READ MANDATORY ENTRY CAREFULY BECAUSE SOMETIMES ITS DIFFERENT WITH EACH GIVEAWAY!!!
If it says +1, leave one comment.  If it says +2, +3, so on and so forth, leave that many comments.  If you leave one long comment, It will only count as ONE comment.
Leave your email address in EACH entry like so to prevent spam:  yourname at domain dot com

Giveaway will END September 06, 2011 @11:59pm CST
I will check through each entry to make sure it is valid.  Please don't leave an entry that is not vaild.  Its no use as I will delete it, giving you less of a chance to win.  Only 1 person per household may enter.  Only 1 username per person may enter.  You must be 18+ to enter, living where the Sponsor will ship to, found in the entry title.   I will use to choose the winner & e-mail you promptly.  You will have 48 hours to get back to me or else I will choose another winner immediatly (you snooze, you loose), which I don't want to do so check your JUNK email for muloove at yahoo dot com.
I am hosting this giveaway & in no way sponsoring.  I will contact the sponsor with your details.  If you do not receive your prize in 2 weeks, I will try my hardest to see what went wrong.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Damn Tired!

I'm so damn tired. I didn't think it would come to this!  Yesterday was Colton's Baptism which equals people over and kids get zero naps in .  Colton still takes 3 naps a day which totals about 6 hours of daytime sleep.  But yesterday, he got about 1 hour TOPS of sleep all day.  I figured (but should have KNOWN better) that he would of slept all night long. Was I wrong!  Can I just say, I woke up on every single hour, with a SCREAMING baby who could not get consoled back to sleep?  Next time, no matter what, NAPS! I don't care where we are, who we're with, etc.  With Chayden, I was very STRICT on his nap schedule and no matter what, we scheduled our day around him so he could nap.  I got a ton of shit for it but guess what, ... he was the most awesome sleeper you'd EVER imagine!  Colton is different.  We schedule our lives around us now instead of him and that needs to stop.  I am the one who hears Colton at night. I am the one who wakes up every hour to console him.  I am the one that wakes up at 7am for the day. I am the crabby, bitchy, get the hell out of my way ... type of person when I don't get at least 4 hours of solid sleep. So guess what.  Today, get the hell out of my way. I'm exhausted! And I hope Colton is not that overly tired that he naps well this afternoon. Like, 4 hours straight.  
Lesson learned.  No nap for baby = overly tired baby.  Overly tired baby = No sleep at night baby. 

So, if you babies don't get their naps in, are they SO overly tired at night that they don't sleep?  Or is that when they sleep amazing? 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Adult 18+} Having some fun with the Rubber Tickler!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Every couple eventually needs a little spice to add in the "bedroom" with some couples toys. Believe me! I don't care who you are, how old you are, or how long you've been with your partner. Either some massage oil, some candles & rose petals, or maybe something to heighten the bodies senses during a romantic evening. I received the Rubber Tickler to review with Bobby. Its not a highly sexual item, by any means. You can, however turn the Rubber Tickler into something extremely sexual {soft whips n' chains anybody?} but thats not how we used it.

Packaging:  The Rubber Tickler came pretty much, un-packaged besides a tag in the front.

How to use: Using the Rubber Tickler is very enjoyable. I am a very ticklish wife =] Having the Rubber Tickler run softly against my neck or arms gives me chills. Its enough to relax and enjoy the senses & the moment. For a more slippery feel, you can slip some lube at the tips. I enjoyed the sensations without anything added onto the Rubber Tickler though.

Material: The "ticklers" are made out of Rubber, giving this couples toy an extremely long lifetime of use.

Waterproof:  Yes!  But I don't really see any enjoyment being made in a bathtub or shower?

Cleaning / Care: Since Rubber really sucks at being porous, its difficult to clean. You don't want to add just any old water and soap regime. So, I suppose thats where our toy cleaner comes in handy.

Recommended Lube: Silicone & water based lubes are cool to use with the Rubber Tickler.

Weight / Size: At a very light weight of 1oz, its very easy to manage a grip on this couples toy, of course. The light weight gives you the feel of softness and reminds you to BE soft and gentle while using / during play. The length of the handle is about the size of my arm at 18" or so. The handle is perfectly long but pretty thin. I would never use this as a crazy whip becaue I would be totally afraid of breaking the handle.

Taste / Scent: As far as tasting this, I don't put this in my mouth. Whats the need? No thanks. There is a slight scent ... ONLY if you're like me and have to smell everything! Seriously, there is a slight fruity scent if you sit there and concentrate on the smell but nobody is going to do that. Its not overwhelming and its not even useful to even mention a scent at all .

Discreet Factor:  The Rubber Tickler is pretty discreet.  Yes, it looks like a whip in a way but its nothing sexually offensive.

Price: $7.99

Rating:  4/5
This couples toy is pretty much a necessity. If you don't own a lot of couples toys, the Rubber Tickler is one that you should own & at a VERY affordable price, why not? You can't go wrong with wanting to tease & relax your partner. I do wish the handle was thicker / stronger so I can use my imagination in the future *winks* but we won't go there. ... Not with this couples toy. But overall, I am totally excited to own this to add some fun and excitement thats not OVER THE TOP.

Where to Buy: Eden Fantasy's Sex Shop. Besides having a nice hot pink, they offer black, blue & purple.

What sensual items do you love to have in the bedroom with your partner? Check out Eden Fantasy's and let me know what you'd love to try!

You can connect with Eden Fantasies with twitterFacebook!  {*hint* If you "like" Eden Fantasy's on Facebook, you get to choose a free gift at checkout during shopping!}

I received a free product from Eden Fantasys to review. I was not paid for this item. I am here to give my honest opinion.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Too much to Handle

Sunday is Colton's Baptism.  In order to keep myself sane and happy, I have decided to not invite my "mother" and that side of the family all together, with a few exceptions.  I invited my sister and my grandmother.  I hope it stays at that (even though my sister isn't able to attend).  I have been a crazy ass cleaning the house the past few days.  Our place is typically clean, or as clean as you can get with a 4 yr. old and a husband who tosses dirty socks everywhere =] But I have been "deep cleaning".  Tossing shit we don't need, etc.  Spring cleaning as others call it? Why not. I don't typically spring clean a lot.
Anyways, not much has been happening in our world.  Chayden started K-Camp last week and it will last for 3 more days this week.  He gets to learn all about the elementary school that he's going to.  He got to make lots of new friends who will be in his kindergarten class, as well as get to know his teacher.  His school supply list is crazy!  But, its been fun shopping for the little dude =] I'm so excited for Chayden to go to school and I know he is MORE than ready.
With me being a hot mess, I better sign off and smell the fresh smell of GAIN laundry =] Does doing laundry make YOU feel better too?? <3

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Capture White


Last night at Church, Chayden made a sheep.  He was very proud of this sheep. He glued each cotton ball on.  I love watching him grow, as well as his crafts becoming his own.  Everything Chayden does, is beautiful to me =]

Obviously, I am not a photographer, but I love taking pictures.  I hope to grow better and better with each click of the lens.  Even if its as silly as some cotton balls, which I'll look back on in the future and remember the times when this was difficult for my baby to do =] 

Sidral Mundet's "The Great Apple Debate" - Win an iPAD2 when you vote!

Sidral Mundet’s, popular apple-flavored soft drink from Mexico has a great taste that comes from real apples and not artificial flavorings.

Made with natural apple juice, natural sugar and no artificial flavors or colors, Sidral Mundet boasts a unique and delicious taste.

Where to Buy:  So you can taste the flavor and toss in a vote (info below), you can check out where they sell Sidral Mundet's in your area HERE.  If there is no way you can buy some Sidral Mundet Soda, then you can still vote and (hopefully) win!

“The Great Apple Debate”

When: August 15 – 19th, 2011

What:  Sidral Mundet wants their fans to let them know which flavor of Sidral Mundet should win “The Great Apple Debate” – the true and beloved “original” or the tangy and wild “manzana verde” (green apple). All you have to do is sign on to Twitter and vote for your favorite flavor for a chance to win prizes! Winners will be randomly selected daily and at the end of the week. At the end of the week, Sidral Mundet will collect all the tweets to determine which flavor had the most votes. They will announce the winner of the debate at the end of the week, as well as the winner of our grand prize!

Daily: 10 x Sidral Mundet gift bags (50 total)
Grand Prize: 1 x Apple iPad 2

To Enter: First, you must follow @SidralMundet on Twitter. Log on and vote by tweeting a unique tweet including “@SidralMundet #SMOriginal” or “@SidralMundet #SMVerde.”  They would also like to encourage users to give them a reason you believe your flavor should win: "Green is my favorite color, original is always better, etc." You can enter as many times as you wish, but your tweets must include the “@SidralMundet” handle, as well as “#SMOriginal” or “#SMVerde” hashtag. At the end of each day, gift packs winners will be notified publically and via direct message (DM). The grand prize winner will be notified at the end of the week.

Spread the Word: Vote in The Great Apple Debate Aug 15-19! Tweet @SidralMundet #SMOriginal or #SMVerde 4 ur chance 2 win sodas or an iPad2!

{Review} Vinyl Wall Quotes by Belvedere Designs‏

The biggest thing I have seen lately are homes with wall quotes or Vinyl Wall Art. Its a huge hit and looks very classy in any home, in any room. I am obsessed with Wall Decals and the way they add a HUGE impact for such an affordable price. Belvedere Designs‏ sent me a Vinyl Wall Quote that truly explains the defination of my (& I'm sure yours!) Boys. Seriously, adorable and very EASY to apply!

How to apply: If you don't like my easy to follow instructions (because I didn't take pictures of it step by step. Sorry! eesh ...), then you can check out Belvedere Designs‏ Vinyl Application Instructions online.

1. Take a ruler and pencil. Draw a straight line on your CLEAN wall so you can line the top or bottom of your Wall Decals. Erase the pencil marking when you're all finished in the end. I cleaned our wall with dishsoap, or whatever the heck you use. I made sure the surface was super clean and completely dry before my process of applying our Boy Vinyl Wall Quote.
2. Unroll your Wall Decals onto a hard surface (like the kitchen tile floor) & take the squeegee in your sweaty, nervous hand. Go nuts with the squeegee and rub the heck (gently though so you don't rip anything!) out of your Wall Decal. I rubbed in the back and flipped it over to rub in the front. I wanted to make sure there was going to be no issues.
3. After a few deep breathing sessions (because you don't want to ruin the awesome factor of your Wall Decals), look at the lettering / Vinyl Wall Art and face it down on a hard surface (in my case, I moved to the boys' bedroom and did this on the carpet). Slowly start peeling the top right hand corner down and to the left. I mean ... S L O W L Y .... If you experience any part of the Wall Decal coming up WITH the white background paper, take your nail and gently give the Wall Decal a nudge to come off the white background paper (kind of reminds me of Cardstock) & restick it to the sticky paper.
4. After you have the entire white background off, place the "clearish sticky paper" holding the Wall Decals facing towards you, on the wall, lining up with your pencil marking. Gently and slowly smooth the sticky side against the wall and your new decoration will stick to the wall!. Take your squeegee and rub the crap out of the Wall Decals until everything looks nice, neat & smooth.
5. Take the top right corner, and slowly peel down and left.

If you have a bigger Wall Decal or Wall Art, then you will need a partner to help. I wish my husband was home to help me becaue I was a nervous wreck. I didn't want to mess up the application but it was seriously so easy, I have no idea why I was worried. There did come a time when Chayden decided he wanted to run around his bedroom and trip over the work I was doing, so all the stickyness folded onto eachother and stuck! Ah! But, with being slow and careful, I got it all "unstuck".

Custom Love: Do you want Custom Vinyl Letters that include your own unique quote? You can check out the Vinyl Letters and create your own. With the easy to use Text Field, you can create your own Vinyl Letters with your choice of 44 colors, over 50+ fonts, size and unique embelishments.

Connect with Sponsor & Shop:
"Like" Belvedere Designs on Facebook for discount codes and other special offers!  While you're there, submit photos of your wall quotes / wall art each month for a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate with their monthly photo contest!
Check out & subscribe to their Blog where Belvedere Designs‏ posts photos, inspirations & new ideas.

Belvedere Designs‏ Website has over, I swear, 1,000 different Wall Decals to suit anybody's wants / needs.

Send me a link in the comments below with your favorite Vinyl Wall Decal found on Belvedere Designs‏ and let me know where you'd place it. I would love to see my readers' favorite. Or, if you'd make custom Vinyl Letters, let me know what it would say =]

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Blog Hop} Tuesday

Gah, I haven't done a blog hop in a minute!  I have been really focused on my sewing projects and just August in general.  But I have a few  minutes to spare and a blog to fill up =]

Friday, August 5, 2011

{Giveaway} Help Label My Shop & win a Cloth Diaper or Bib / Minky Blanket Set - US

This will be fun, I promise!  A little background. I am opening up shop.  It'll include cloth diapers, wipes, bibs, crib sets, diaper bags ... + MORE!  Prints will be all about bold, funky, modern, different (nothing soft and boring in my little opinion). So, I went on my favorite font site DaFont and made up a few labels.  My shop will be called Lawless Designs (yep. Like breaking the law of sticking inside the box of comfortable prints.  There are NO laws when it comes to my items!).  So, please tell me your opinion on what you think is eye appealing.  The font name is right above the label, in the grey block.  Or you can mention something like, "The second one". Whatever floats your boat. =]


One winner will win either a cloth diaper or a matching bib / minky blanket set.  All custom so we'll talk about what you want in the end. 
Winners will be selected via and notified by email whether you chose the winning label or not.  Must respond within 48 hours.  Everything is provided by me. 

Mandatory Entry:  
You must be following my blog via GFC and let me know which label catches you eye. 

Daily Entries:
+1 each per day.  You can tweet &/or write on your FB wall.  Make sure it Links to here.  Easy social buttons are on the bottom in grey.  

While you're at it, "like" Lawless Designs on FB.  I will get that started with updates as soon as possible (I have a VERY BUSY August and two very busy kids so I'm trying).  I will sell my items on Facebook for NOW until I get everything switched over from my "old" etsy account.  

End Date:  September 05, 2011 @ 11:59 pm CST.  Open to United States Residents only. 

Giveaway is sponsored by myself.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Daily Walk

Today, we decided to take a daily walk.  Chayden, Colton & I took a walk about 1 block down & across the street, across the bridge ... to where the trains where, even the Mississippi River.  It was sweltering hot.  I didn't bring my camera so this won't be too much fun =/ BUT! I can find images online to things we seen on our hour long walk. Asking Chayden what we seen, he said we seen a;

Baby Blue DragonFly

A yellow bird and his tail made noise

We saw a spider that had a ... a uh, had a web and he had brown on him with red legs and a red tummy.

A light blue butterfly

& that was it. We're so hot, tired and thirsty. But we had fun. =] Next time I will bring my camera =] Because Googling images aren't as fun as taking pictures of the real thing.