Monday, September 19, 2011

I'll be away for a while...

Since I'm staring up my business; Lawless Designs, I am pretty slow in the blogger world.  I will be on here once every few weeks and not daily .. until I get a hang of things.  I am very involved in getting Lawless Designs up and out there ... ready to be in the hands of others. =] But this blog needs attention too =[ I'll figure out a schedule to juggle both! Until then, I have to pick new winners for some previous giveaways and toss some reviews up in the next few days.  After that, I'm laying low for a minute. I hope to catch up soon! I miss writing and I miss reading all of the blogs. But until then, check out my Etsy  &/or like my new Facebook Fanpage to get special discounts and participate in giveaways once I reach 100 fans!

Monday, September 12, 2011

{Review} Land O' Frost Wrap Kit

This review is especially great for parents like me!  Not even parents,  kids coming home from school that want a FAST QUICK  & EASY snack.  Okay, but back to parents like me.  I stay at home. I make lunch, daily.  I get bored with what I make.  Soup, Mac n' Cheese, or eggs today? Ugh.   Then, I came across Land  O' Frost wrap kits!  I received both of the above kits in the mail in exchange for an honest opinion.  Each kit makes 5 wraps.  They come with 5 of each;  Tortillas, meat packs & cheese.  Here is the meat pack.  I don't know else to explain it:

There is a stack of meat between dividers that go perfectly on your Tortilla.  Then you add a slice of thick cheese, roll it up and microwave it for 30 seconds.  That's it!

You can add your own fixings too! Like Lettuce, tomatoes, etc.  I added nothing because really, the wraps were filling enough and tasty enough!  Even Chayden, the pickiest eater ever, ate his!  He loved putting his wrap together because it was so easy, even for a 5 yr. old! 
My Favorite was the Black Forest Ham and Swiss.  I am a huge sucker for Swiss cheese though!! But, the Turkey and Pepper Jack was amazing too!  You couldn't go wrong either way!  Coming soon, Land O' Frost will be offering Wrap Kits in Roast Beef and Cheddar as well as Chipotle Turkey and Cheddar!  

These kits are very healthy and affordable!  Look for them in your grocery store!  You won't feel disappointed.  Something new and easy to add to your snack or lunch menu! 

Connect with Land O' Frost on their website for coupons, recipes, giveaways + MORE!!!
Also, Check out their Facebook Page for more offers!  

What are some quick, easy and affordable lunch options that you pull together?  Have you tried these Land O' Frost Wrap Kits?  What is your opinion?  If you had these kits, would you use it on the run or for snacking as well?  

Friday, September 9, 2011

{Review} Sidral Mundet Apple Soda / Pop

I love my daily pop! Or soda, as some will call it.  I typically keep close to what I know best and what I see everywhere in stores that's easy to purchase.   Although, if I see something of interest, I will try it!  I love to try new things.  And I am glad that I was contacted by Sidral Mundet to try the True Apple Flavor of Pop!  In the package, I received a shirt and one of each apple flavor pop;  Original & Green Apple. 

Sidral Mundet is a soft drink that comes from Mexico and is very popular over there.  Its apple flavored in the original and Green Apple.  The flavor comes from REAL Apples and is made with 100% NATURAL sugars!  

The Original Apple Sidral Mundet was good!  To me, it tasted exactly like apple juice but with fizz added to it.  There was no STRONG taste that was odd.  It was so good that I gave some to Chayden and he almost devoured the whole bottle!  I had to save some to add to a Pork Recipe later on that night.  I let the pork simmer in the Original Apple Sidral Mundet Pop and the pork came out with a juicy, yummy flavoring!  

Next came the Green Apple Sidral Mundet Pop.  This one was my favorite because it tasted exactly like a green apple sort of candy!  It was so refreshing and had a tangy taste to it.  If I had easy access to these, I would use the Green Apple as my drink of choice and the Original as an aide for cooking as well as drinking.  Although I loved them both so much!  In Mexico, parents give their children the Sidral Mundet Apple Soft drinks if they have upset tummies to help keep them hydrated and to help in making them feel better as well.  

The one thing I had to have on hand though was a bottle opener.  I am not strong enough to pop tops off like these like my husband can.  

Connect with Sidral Mundet on Facebook and Twitter!  On Facebook, they have games and you can win prize packs!  If you want to try one, or both of these yourself, you can check out the locations of where to Purchase the Sidral Mundet Soft drinks! 

Have you tried any other Unique Soft Drink?  Where and what was the flavor?  If you had this on hand, how would you use the soft drink?  Would you use it in a recipe?  Which one? 

{Review & Giveaway} Ladybug Jane Flavor Balm - WW

Ugh is all I have to say about the cold weather coming up!  It already started here in Minnesota a while ago, teetering back and forth from pants / t-shirt to shorts / t-shirt.  One thing I really hate about the cold weather is how sensitive my skin gets.  My whole body needs lotion constantly or else it burns.  My  hands crack and need lots of lotion after handwashing & my lips are constantly feeling dry, icky and not very sexy.  Who wants to rub sandpaper lips together?  Yea, pass!  I hate that feeling! So, I get stocked up on lip balms for sure! My favorite lip balms are ones that are light and airy on the lips so it doesn't feel like I have wax paper coating them.  Then I feel heavy and tend to wipe my lips off.  I did, however, come across Ladybug Jane products!  I got to review 2 lip balms of my choice;  Sweet Strawberry & Wacky Watermellon.

These lip balms are Super Juicy, Non-Toxic, All Natural & Organic!

As Kaydee quoted in her adorable excitment to me, "There are no petrochemicals, parabens, no fragrance, no nut or bee derivative (so they are safe for people with allergies) and to top it off it is a certified vegan product!"  I giggled as she mentioned she was super excited and how much she loves her products!  They run for $3.99 a piece online at Ladybug Jane's website (which, by the way, the HOME page has really cool Birthday Party Information, Games + MORE!!).  I love the affordable price on the Ladybug Jane Lip Balms.  These lip balms are literally so light and airy.  I can't feel a heavy wax on my lips.  The flavors are drool worthy!  You just need a very light coat on the lips and your lips are silky smooth and I am NOT kidding!  Your lips stay so smooth for several hours.  I think the Sweet Strawberry is about 1/2 done by now & I have had these lip balms for a month now.  The Wacky Watermellon is my backup for when Sweet Strawberry is gone, which will be soon because I am obsessed with using Ladybug Jane Lip Balms before bed, under lipstick and just randomly throughout the day!

The lip balms are sealed with an easy to rip off plastic and this is how they arrive:

No matter the amazing flavor, they all come in a natural color of an off white that goes clear on the lips, no matter how many coats you WOULD put.  

Other Sweet Flavors:  Bursting Berry, Crazy Coconut, Groovy Grape & Vanilla Cupcake.

Price:  $3.99 at Ladybug Jane

Rating:  5/5  The price, amazing fun fruity flavors & the texture is so very worth it in my book!

Win It!  Kaydee from Ladybug Jane is offering to give away 2 lip balms of flavor choice to my readers!  Just in perfect timing for that nasty cold weather sucking the moisture out of our lips!

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I received 2 Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms in my choice of flavor for free in exchange for an honest review that is my own.  Thank you Ladybug Jane

First Day of Kindergarten!

Chaydens' First day of Kindergarten was yesterday!  He had a blast and is so excited to head back again.  He wakes up very happy and ready to start the day with a bang!  So far, the only homework he has, is to have us read to him 20-30 minutes a day and record the books on a sheet that his teacher gave us. That's obviously easy over here. Reading is one of the best ways to calm him down!  He loves books.  At the end of every month, if his chart is fully filled, he gets a free gift card to Dairy Queen, Target, etc ... And at the end of the school year, if all 9 charts were fully filled, he gets to join in a huge ice cream social.
Anyways, this is my "baby" yesterday morning =]

Now that Chayden is off to school, I get the day to myself!  August is done and I am finally sitting down to enjoy myself.  I will be busy with blogging again as well as splitting that up to fill up my Etsy Site.  Right now I have seconds diapers up that aren't up to my standards (because the ones that were, were taken from me right away and I am selling to a family member that I don't really know on my husbands grandma's side of the family.).  I am constantly making and having to buy new fabric but I plan on filling my Etsy soon with Halloween prints that will be suitable for all year round as well (skulls!).